Universality of the Theory

Substance - only the Unified Theory of Nature explains its distribution in the Universe

Matter and substanse are distributed differently in the Universe. Matter - ether (Working out of the Unified Theory see) is present everywhere.The modern experimental data about structure of substance of Universe shows, that its distribution the following. In it about 90 % of the most simple chemical substance - hydrogen, more complicated - helium - 10 % and so on in process of complication of substances. However any from the published unified fild theories cannot offer the convincing explanation to these facts. 


Substance in the Universe


Under Unified Theory of Nature the ether - matter (What is ether see) is the elementary (i.e. the most simple) basis of the material World, of which "atoms", bodies, galaxies were formed (origination of galaxies, essence of mass and atomic nucleus see). Then this basis more in Universe than any matter derivative of it. Accordingly the first formations, arising from this basis, are the most simple objects - vortexes ("origination of galaxies" see  above). The subsequent formations demand of passage of the next phases of transformation of the matter ("origination of galaxies" see above and "origination of chemical bond" see). Therefore these formations become more complicate. Transformation from more complicate form in more simple, on the contrary, occurs quickly – by an explosion (Explosions of galaxies see). Thtrefore the complicate substance into Universe always will be less than more simple, because of presence of variety of the next phases at formation of more complicate substance and their absence at the return transformation.

Thus the unique theory, capable to offer an explanation to the specified facts, is Unified Theory of Nature (see above).

Substance - disclosing the secret of its appearance and disappearance. The modern physics establishes the experimental fact, that the substance arises and disappears and that the substance is born from concentration of energy. However, what is the energy nobody knows and how the substance arises from the illusive energy and leaves in it is shrouded in mystery. It is not explained also by any unified fild theory.

The Uified Theory of Nature ("Working out of the Unified Theory" see above) based on the discovery of the essence of the matter - the ether essence, of the fixed vortical nature of substance, of 1st and 2nd laws of existence of Universe, of the open essence of mass and substance, of the essence of Gravity and the gear of formation of bodies, of the described essence of a charge, of the fixed gear of destruction of vortexes of ether, of the gear annihilation of microvortexes, represents the clear real picture of occurrence of substance and of disappearance of it. By that, unlike all unified fild theories, in the Unified Theory of Nature is not used the illusive concept "energy" .

Thus,  two more instances of universality of the Unified Theory of Nature are given.



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