Universality of the Theory

Uncertainty - what secret is hidden in it?

Negative aspects of uncertaintyIt is considered that in microCosm there is V.Gejzenberg's Uncertainty: «there is no simultaneously a position (place) and an impulse of electron(mv)». Quantum Mechanics by introduction of this principle assertthat the trajectory of electron does not exist and that the identical particles are indiscernible. It legalises mystery (incognization) of microCosm, than generates fear of a person before  Nature.

Besides in the physics the unpersuasive conclusion becomes, that this principle leads to occurrence of the attractive force between atoms in a molecule  for account of inability of atom to distinguish the own  and "another's" electrons ([2] and Тhe chemical bond is not the fundamental see).  

The analysis of the principle of uncertainty. The Unified Theory of Nature indicates the danger of the existence of the principle of uncertainty. The gnoseological analysis of the named principle leads to the following. Here, first, possibility of the person to measure a position and an impulse of electron is identified with presence of these characteristics at electron. Secondly, ability of a person to distinguish of electrons is identified with ability of atom to distinguish them. Thirdly, it contradicts also to Principle of Interdictions of V.Pauli, i.e. just of "the definiteness" in a microCosm, on which base existence of all known atoms (elements of system of  D.Mendeleyev) is explained. 

It is erected, that the original cause is hidden not in the electron, but in the contradiction of the existing in physicist the concepts: "a place" and "a velocity". From this  follows, that incorrect is one of these concepts. But as the concept "a place" is certain quite, we will make the analysis of the concept "a velocity".

For measuring of velocity v = Δ  S / Δ t   it is necessary to have more, than one place (a standing), i.e. it is necessary to change a place and to measure the time, necessary on change of the place. But change of the place concerning other  moving material object (i.e. in system X, Y, Z) is the trajectory in system X, Y, Z. That sign, the trajectory in Nature exists and exists without concept "Time". From here follows: Time in Nature is the false co-ordinate (Working out of the Unified Theory see). Accordingly, the using it generalizing co-ordinate "velocity" is the false co-ordinate also. It is the cause of the secret, concluded in Principle of Uncertainty. Revealing the mystery of uncertainty allows to eliminate a person’s superstitious fear of Nature and instills a healthy optimism in him when learning microWorld.

Consequence 1. The reason for the existence of the uncertainty principle in modern physics is the presence of the “Time” motion coordinate in it, which does not exist in Nature.

Consequence 2. Principle of uncertainty confirmates the erected in the Unified Тheory of Nature fictitiousness of co-ordinate "Time".

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