Universality of the Theory

Barrier effect against Quantum Physics

One of the paradox of physics is "the barrier effect", arising at the rather low energies, when the electron is at the barrier from the chain of atoms or the electric field. At slow approach to the barrier an electron is reflected from it, at magnification of velocity an electron transits through the barrier. However, sometimes the electron, having the great speed, for not clear causes, is reflected from the barrier, but at the low speed, on the contrary, transits through the barrier. This "sometimes" pulls down the all. Quantum Physics has not revealed also the secret of the electron disappearance on one side of the magnetic barrier and its occurrence after the barrier. 

 3.7. The essence of processes at the barrier effect.  Unified Тheory of Nature, being the   universal theory, offers explanation of the "barrier effect». An electron before the chain of atoms, coming nearer rather slowly, recoils. The cause of it is that the approaching vortexes are elastic (1st law of existence of Universe see), each of them possesses by the stability margin. At the prompt, but not the front (off-centre, Jet collision see) collision it is works the elasticity of the vortex.  It may distor elasticly, having worked, as in the radio engineering the on-off spring tumbler. The medial standing here – the standing with the maximum strain – the labile standing [27] – it is overshot by the electron. 

The reflexion of an electron from the chain of atoms at its major velocity is caused by the head-on collision of the elastic microvortexes.

The case, when an electron, having the small forward speed, nevertheless transits through the barrier, speaks that not all the joints in the barrier chain of atoms are identical (Space – is  not identical, chemical bond see). One joints are formed by the next greater microvortexes, the second by the greater and the smaller, the third – by the smaller.

As to the secret of the disappearance of an electron and of the occurrence, then it is similar to the existence of the wave-corpuscle dualism.  The cause of the disappearance of an electron and the occurrence consists in the allpenetrating abilities of ether, of which the electron consists also, and – in the ethereous nature of "the magnetic field" and the fundamental particles also (Microvortex is an electron, mysterious magnetic field, particles are formed  from ether see).




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