Universality of the Theory

Secrets of a charge of particles

 In a modern science there are the old secrets connected with a charge of particles. For example, nobody knows, why an electric charge of all known in the physicist, so-called, "elementary" particles is always multipleto the same fundamental unit? Why this fundamental unit is the charge of electron? Existence of these secrets brakes development of physics  and accordingly engineering essentially.

Our research says that it is impossible to open these secrets in the conditions of the modern state of physics. So to reveal a secret of frequency rate of a charge, it is necessary to reveal the secret of the charge at first. What is it? It is not known to the modern physics. What is the charge sign? Are-whether the known in physicist "elementary" particles  by the elementary? What is an electron? What structure of an electron? But in according to V.Gejzenberg's principle an electron is not present in general: an electron is any "smeared" uncertainty.

The published unified field theories do not give convincing answers to the specified questions also. Universality of the Unified Theory allows to answer these questions.

3.8. Disclosing of secrets of a charge of particles. In Unified Theory of Nature it is established what is a charge.


  Torus microvortex of ether (more accurately see above "charge")


The charge is the cross rotation of ether in the toroidal microvortex. The charge sign under Unified Theory is the direction of the specified cross rotation of  ether in the microvortex concerning the longitudinal axis of the microvortex. An electron is the ether microvortex. From "Working out of the Unified Theory" (spiral vortex, microvortex is an electron see) and "Universality of the Theory" (elementary particles see) follows that an electron is the extremely minimum vortical design of Nature. Therefore its charge is the elementary. Under Unified Theory this elementary charge – the charge of an electron exists (Existence is stability see), since the electron is the steady toroidal microvortex (vortex motion – the stable and 1st law of existence of Universe see). Its stability is defined by the properties of ether: density, viscosity, elasticity (substance see). The quantity of the elementary microvortexes in any other particles, representing the systems of the connected microvortexes, can be only whole (The atomic structure see). The frequency rate of a charge of so-called «the elementary particles» flows out from here. 

Thus, the Unified Theory of Nature solved another fundamental problem of modern physics. Now, the use of new, previously deeply hidden by Nature, information (see the Deep Essence of Information) about the electric charge gives the new very promising opportunities. It allows you to carry out the existing, partly blind and therefore not always successful, experimental work on particle accelerators more deeply consciously and, therefore, more successfully. In addition, and this is even more significant for modern human life, the discovery of the deeper essence of electric charge opens up new ways of designing energy machines, and for electric vehicles - ways to solve the very sick problem of accumulator.



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