Universality of the Theory

Magnetic monopole contradicts the essence of the magnetic field

The Unified Theory of Nature assessed the truth of the quantum-mechanical representation of a magnetic monopole (see Magnetic monopoly does not exist). We give additional evidence of the fallacy of the concept of a magnetic monopoleMagnetic monopole is represented in the physics as the particle in the form of a constant magnet with one pole. From here there was its name. As the magnetic monopole is considered a particle, then it is considered that there is a monopole mass.      

To answer the question – exists-whether the magnetic monopole, it is necessary to know before – what is the magnetic field. In the modern physics magnetic field – rather mysterious object: there are the external displays, but the internal essence – the secret.

Unified Theory of Nature is established the essence of themagnetic field. The following flows out from it. If a body – the magnetic, and the essence of a magnet – the ether stream through a body (What is the magnetic field and Magnet, Gravitation and Inertia see) – through  "pipe", then if to split a body (a pipe, so, this stream) across, then there will be the stream of the same direction in two received parts again. There will be two short magnets with the same force (A force see).  Does not share across, namely a movement, a current, a stream! The body shares, but a movement remains in it. 


                                               Real stream of ether

If to split a magnet (a pipe) and a stream lengthways (a) and half-and-half (b), then from the condition (a) – magnets will be two, from (b) – that the force of everyone will be twice smaller. The fact of the paired relationship of the magnetic poles confirms reliably the described above ("What is the magnetic field" and "Magnet, Gravitation and Inertia" see above) the ether-stream nature of a magnet and accordingly – Unified Theory of Nature and its universality.

Thus the magnetic  monopole  - virtual  object. It does not exist in Nature. Accordingly there are no the monopole masses also, and the published consolidating and unified theories, which lean on the magnetic monopole, are not true.




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