Universality of the Theory

Relativistic mass is due to return Gravity

In the modern physics the various concepts of mass are applied: one mass – the inertial, the second – the gravitational, the third – the mass of rest, the fourth – the relativistic, …  . This variety is caused by knowledge of numerous external displays of mass at the total absence of the deep understanding of essence of mass. Because of such variety of one of the most cardinal concepts of the physics a person has the extreme complexities in knowledge of  Nature. To leave this difficult situation scientists try to unite these concepts of mass somehow. By that it is necessary to go on insufficiently convincing postulates. However, how to unite that, the essence of that is unknown?

The Unified Theory establishes the deep essence of mass (gravitational mass and inertial mass see), including establishes unity (not the equality, but the unity!) of the inertial and the gravitational masses . But how to be with the relativistic mass? Let's use universality of the Unified Theory.

In the relativistic mechanics the expression   m = m 0 / √ 1 - (v / C)2,  in which the mass depends on the travelling speed, has the mathematical explanation (through H.Lorents's transformations).

Unified Тheory of Nature offers the physical explanation. As mass is generated by the microvortexes ("gravitational mass" and "inertial mass" see above), then the more promptly translocate of a vortex (electron), the more of its meetings  with "particles" of ether (ether see), i.e. the more the filtration counterpressure on it  – the return gravity (Essence of Gravity, consequence 3 see), the electron becomes heavier. It is perceived that the electron, as though, increases the mass «m». The true cause – in the difficulty of overcoming by the particle of the viscosity of ether (Substance and its physical properties see) i.e. in the magnification of its weight.

Acceleration of particle in the direction of the ethereous flow (causing gravitation of a particle, a body) to the travelling speed of ether (the free soaring) will lead to the disappearance of the filtration of ether through the particle ("substance" see above), i.e. to the disappearance of Gravity – the particle loses of the force (of the weight). 

Mass and energy. A.Ejnshtejn's formula about communication between the liberated energy and mass is known: Е = m C 2. The formula has no of the physical explanation.

From Unified Тheory of Nature about essence of mass (Mass – motion see), essence of electromagnetic waves (How  arise an electromagnetic wave see) and also of essence of annihilation of particles  (Substance occurrence and of its disappearance and Why antiparticles annihilate see) streams the physical explanation of formula of A.Ejnshtejn – why the mass is transmuted into energy and why in the formula there is light speed.  

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