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Black hole – the ether vortex

All the mysterious is coated by a gloom – blackness. Even that  is  the clearly in day, it  became the  mysterious  in black night. And as a secret attracts always, then people  often use the black for their  mystery so the appeal. The black suit  hides the body outlines – does the person  more mysterious. In the fine arts, for the same parents – K.Malevich's  Black Quadrate  --  stand  and think  and if you want, sit down and try to feel the blackness.  In cybernetics – the black box. In astrophysics –  a  black substance, a black hole. What the mystery! It is possible to use the mystery of the black very long and to be  happy.  And what for to the outstanding persons to make the significant gains for the luminescence to mankind if  these gains are always painful!?  To give hardly it is more of light in this blackness, I will uncover one of these secrets – the secret of a black hole.

           Cross-section of Black Hole


3.15. Essence of Black Hole. Now it is considered that the cause of existence of "black hole» − Gravity. However it not absolutely so.

From Unified Theory of Nature about essence of light wave (How  arise an electromagnetic wave see) and that in the central part of a macrovortex - galaxy (Space vortex changes and  Pressure growth in a galaxy see) ether flows are densely reeled against each other, follows, first, that the free ether (filtrating through the macrovortex kern) absence. Secondly, there are not requirements for formation of light wave ("How  arise an electromagnetic wave" see above). The central part of the  macrovortex does not radiate. At lack of particles, of bodies in the exterior field next to the central part of a macrovortex (flowing ether "are reeled" see) this macrovortex is without light  «the black hole». However as the filtration through the kern is not present, then Gravity is not present in «the black hole» and accordingly the light absorption not occurs. 

At the same time, as it is the vortex (though the old, as round it already all bodies are immersed), it has both the longitudinal and the traversal gyration as any the tоrus vortex of ether (Formation of galaxies and stars see). Then such two vortexes can approach in Space (Charges are pushed away and attracted see) and come to the mutual oscillations (Double star see) or merge in one greatest vortex (Conditions of coexistence of galaxies see ).

From the featured follows that the existing representation about Black Hole as a hole in visible medium which has sharply contoured boundaries, is the wrong. Black Hole in the next to it continuously macrofield continuously transfers in the next Material Space of Universe. By that the specified smoothness is broken in mesofields of this macrofield for the account of fluxions of ether to the next mesovortexes - to stars or aggregations of stars. 

From discovered by me on the Internet more, than 500 images of Black Hole, to the featured here in a certain degree correspond only one image 871 X 396 - V-cosmos.com which I seat in this article. 

The stated for a macrovortex is similarly ("Formation of galaxies and stars" see above) for an ether mesovortex – star.

How a quasar is organized. Before the formation phase of a black hole, i.e. at the presence in the field (next to the central part of the squeezed macrovortex) of particles and  bodies, this compact (globe) field radiates very intensively (How  arise an electromagnetic wave  see) since whole galaxy is squeezed here. It is a quasar – a predecessor of a black hole.

3.63. The gravitational vortex round a rotating body in Universe. In the up-to-date science it is considered that round a rotating body there is a gravitational vortex – the additive vortex "gravitational field". The field carries away behind itself all bodies which are in a neighbourhood of a black hole. It is considered that the termed gravitational vortex can be started, if to place near to a rotating body the gyro. The gyro will be slowly turned.

Here the explanation of one essence ("a black hole") is done through the unknown for the up-to-date science the second essence – "Gravitation". The essence of a black hole on Unified Тheory without contradictions is featured above. The experiment with the gyro confirms not the presence of a virtual «gravitational vortex», but the essence of Inertia (featured in Inertia as the property) namely – presence of the elastic deformations of jets of the ether, flowing to rotating bodies, which (jets) in addition change themselves at the rapprochement of these bodies.




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