Universality of the Theory

Fundamental forces united

Up-to-date technical calculations are grounded on mechanics of I.Newton, however this mechanics speaks nothing about the origin of the mechanical forces. Besides 2 superproblems are not solved  in theoretical physics:

1) how to unite all 4 fundamental forses together?

2) why Gravity is much more feeble than the other fundamental forses?



From Unified Theory of Nature streams that all forces have common base: they are caused by motion of the maternal and vortex etherIt is well visible from the next: essence of Gravity, essence of Inertia, essence of charge and magnetic field, essence of magnet forses, essence of nuclear forses, essence of chemical bond, essence of forses of atoms, essence of electromagnetic waves (Worcing out of the Unified Theory  see).

So the ether filtration through a body – transit is begun and is continued almost with the most free (not into the particles) ether ("winding" of ether in a space vortex see)which is not very dense here (ρ is very little). It is the cause of the most weak gravitational forces in Nature. The filtration pressure of ether in this case (proceeding from essence of the gravity, see above) will be significant only at major sizes of bodies Nг ~ m1 . m2 (Gravitational mass see). It is the cause of so-called «the gravitational forces».

At  formation of a vortex from maternal ether (Formation of galaxies and Neutron star see) the ether density ρ is increased, forming the jet, which is gemmated from the general flow of the free ether. At the ether motion in this jet the ether density in it is sharply increases because the selfunderwedging of a jet (Ether density is increased in many times see). The very dense microvortex ("Neutron star" see above) is formed of this jet. The microvortex possess the very large stability margin ([27] and 1st law of existence of Universe see). Therefore it is very difficultly to break off of it. This is the cause of so-called «the strong interaction» (Essence of nuclear interaction see also). 

At the ether filtration through a particle – an electron (i.e. transit) to the vortex – a proton the ether  some condensed because of the convergence of the flow to the proton, but this seal is not very appreciable yet because of major distance between the electron and the proton. Therefore the ether filtration - gravitational pressure (Essence of Gravity see) on the electron concerning the proton more significant already, than on same electron, but without the convergence of the flow (see above about the most weak forces). The electron is difficult for tearing off from the proton enough. This is the cause so-called «the electric forces».

The interaction of the rotating microvortexes are (Mass – motion. Mass – charge see) the electric forces, but the action of the basic (maternal) ether (see The space vacuum) on the microvortexes is the gravitational action ("Essence of Gravity" and "Gravitation mass" see above). From here streams, why gravitational force N g  differ on meaning from electrical force N e so much.

Here at last the modern physics puzzles are solved. Fundamental forses united! What clear head this Unified Theory!


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