Working out of the Unified Theory

Gravitation - how Unified Theory revealed its Nature

Unified Theory of Nature is a theory that can explain any phenomena and processes that occur in the World around us. Science has been striving to create such a theory all its life. But it is not possible to it. And how many challenges for creation of theory of everything !? Hundreds. But what are the theories? Already the passing sight speaks, that all of them have the internal and external contradictions and they cover not all.

So, even most pretentious of them are devoted not to Nature, which is Universe -- World, but aimed in a field, which is far not Nature. And even if to assume, that an Unified Field Theory is created, secrets of Nature will be remain not opened. Then, first, what is the Unified Theory  if it does not cover Universe !? And, secondly, what is the field in general? It is not known by anybody. So what consolidate the applicants for Unified Field Theory  - the illusive fields?

In 2011 my monography «Gravitation. The principles of Unified Theory of Nature» was published ([49] see). In the monography the secret of Gravitation revealed, that allows to create the protection frames from asteroids and much more. As the monography edition is extremely small, then in connection with approach` of the dangerous asteroid I make the solution – urgently I create the personal site and feature in it in details the opening of secret of Gravitation and the build-up of  Unified Theory of Nature, directly related to it. 

I will begin the description with history. In the researches on Gravitation I have taken the trajectory, which is essentially distinct from the known trajectories. I, long reflecting, have unexpectedly comprehended the wisdom, hidden by Nature, which consists of the following. As Gravitation in Nature is ubiquitous, then the secret of Gravitation it hides in that does it unified. And this thatthe secret of Nature too. For this reason the Unified Theory of Nature misses till now. For this reason I have begun the disclosing of secret of Gravitation with working out of Unified Theory of Nature.

In this search I has not stepped on the positions of my predecessors, including, did not begin to search for the mathematical (virtual) integrating of the various physical fields. Painfully reflecting over the words of physicists Steven Weinberg and Paul Davies, that the unified theory of Universe will lean against small number of fundamental physical principles, I did not find any solutions, but have suddenly lighted up – these principles should be the general, so they are subjects not the physics but the philosophy. However, as it is known, philosophy does not have Unified Theory too!

Then, having paid steadfast attention to Stephen Hawking 's words about feeble friendship of philosophy with physics, I have solved to "marry" physics with philosophy.








At first I, following A.Einstein's very important statement, "has separated" physics from its artful girlfriend mathematics. Then has a little rejuvenated philosophy. I have exchanged its concept "Opposition" by more general and more concrete concept – «Dissimilarity of Material Space». The indicated dissimilarity, as has then appeared, is ubiquitous and gives in everything, that is in Nature: to a motion, bodies, … (and also creates the favourite by physics symmetry), i.e. leads to the unity of Nature.

Then it was took the existing in physics and philosophy the co-ordinate of motion "Time". I explored the origin of this concept and groundedly has rejected the co-ordinate of motion "Time" as virtual. Physics and philosophy loved the illusively occurbed illegitimate daughter, but it, as soon as was born, all strove to escape them, generating the various secrets – secret of Machine Time, secret of the principle of uncertainty, secret of the multiplicity of prehistories, etc. From it both the physics and philosophy heavy suffered. Having created clearness in their relations, I managed to pull together essentially them.

How I would not like to be engaged in ether! And as I resisted, but it was necessary, to return to the known ether of M.Faradej and J. Maxwell. From the beginning of my reflexions the ether was persistently represented to me, as well as Time, the virtual, though various authors allocated it by properties of gas, or of fluid. Then in the course of researches there was unexpectedly the surprising new: ether – not a gas and not a fluid, but it is material, ubiquitous, and has the real physical properties, integrating Nature together.

Thus  on the basis of new relationships of cause and effect I have found out, that the fundamental principles of the unified theory are only two and they consist in the essence of Space and matter. Only two principles! Here the calmness has left me.

Having seized these two principles, I began to compare them with the known facts feverishly. And here, how happiness! Known in physics, astronomy, meteorology and other sciences the facts have started to be integrated together.

Really the Unified Theory? ! I did not trust the eyes. So, but how the mysterious Gravitation? After all the secret of Gravitation – my purpose! But if it will contradict to the Unified Theory? Having taken over Gravitation phenomenon for the real fact, I with fear, as in the collider, has pushed off it with the young Unified Theory. And, oh Gods, all has failed! From so beautifully started to be shape the Unified Theory streamed: Gravity – not attraction!!!  How so? All are drawn and – no attraction? I have been crushed.

However, seeing the found out the essence of Gravitation is accurately inscribed in the young Unified Theory, I have started to think tensely. And here, at last, the new Gravitation has soon started to open one secret of Nature for another and to add them in the Unified Theory. The secret of planet OGLE-TB56 b, the secret of curvature of edge of disk of our Galaxy, the secret of leaving of stars from the globe aggregations, the secret of a globular lightning, the secret of a magnetic field. It meant: the young Unified Theory and the new Gravitation are true!

I have felt, that I fly in heavens. And I was caught and carried. And what if to the person really to soar above ground? Really is it possible? The intense researches - and I find the surprising – the  person can fly as a bird. Here whence the myth about «a coffin of Magomet soaring above ground» has undertaken and the ancient certificate – «went on a sea as overland»! The former the people-Gods knew secret of Gravitation.

Then I have seen the solutions, how to create the antigravitational kettle, possessing the unusual flying properties. To take off with such acceleration, that for the observer it «dissolves in air» and to fly with the velocity of a meteor! By that not any overloads from «g». So same - the resort against the coming nearer asteroid.   

Here the unclosed capabilities of the young Unified Theory have deprived me of dream. I have rushed to test it on the diversified phenomena and properties of Material World. Has hardly stopped, when their number has reached to 140!!! Not 2 and not 3, as in set of offered "Unified" Theories, but 140 (Universality of the Theory see). The effects have striked me – 140 phenomena and properties of Material World are unified and submit to only two principles about Space and Matter! Here it Razor of Okkama in all beauty.

And if to make experiments? Soon I had been created the simple laboratory antigravitational kettle. And here this kettle could brake considerably for the observer the free fall of a blob from the dielectric material power only 50 W. Experiments have been executed some more. Indeed! The magnetic needle shows not there, where it is necessary! The Ampere's rule does not work! All under the Unified Theory (The Theory and experiments see).

Further in the site I will state in details (for your control over me) as I have come to opening of secret of Gravitation and have simultaneously constructed the Unified Theory (Principles). Certainly, the most interesting will be in the end, where I will state the application of the open essence of Gravitation in our Earth and Space environment. However I will ask for all the attention from the very beginning, since this Secret is not simple to comprehend. After all the Secret has been hidden by Nature extremely wisely and therefore it remained Secret for all long centuries.


   I wish success to you 

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