Working out of the Unified Theory

Insolvency facts of the Big Bang Theory

Almost all thinkers, including the up-to-date, in the build-ups of unified theory adhere to a Big Bang Theory. Author of the site cannot agree with them (Contradictions of modern theories about the origin of the World see).

So, in the Big Bang Theory is considered the formation of galaxies has occurred during Big Bang, i.e. at the substance expansion that is paradoxical, since by that it is told the gravitational forces were formed during Big Bang.

The description of physics of Big Bang contains many of paradoxes and questions without answers (during Explosion, during the initial moments, after and before Explosion). So, in particular, in the Big Bang Theory the velocity of expansion of Universe prolongs to remain a riddle for the up-to-date science.

The mathematics, on which all bottoms of the  Big Bang Theory are constructed, is incapable to prove that Big Bang has occurred simultaneously with the identical force in all points and in all directions in Universe, that follows from the erected homogeneity and isotropy of Universe. To get out of this unsolvable situation it was accepted that as result of Big Bang together with substance Space was formed also.

The explanation of Big Bang by  the space inflation of vacuum (1980 of A.Gut) has not given the answer to the basic question:«Whence the energy for Big Bang has undertaken?» The attempt of the Big Bang Theory apologists to explain it by "the space bootstrap" with use the kvantum-mechanical foundations is full of assumptions, paradoxes, discrepancies. So was-whether Big Bang generally? 

As a motion proceeds in the infinite on extent Space (Perpetuity and extremity of  Space see), then in such Space there is no the absolute extremity of a motion, and in view of duality of the existing (Dualism of World see) is not present also an absolute start of motion. But since the concept "Time" inseparably linked with concepts "the motion beginning" and «its extremity» (see about comparison of movements) then is not present and the beginning of time of motion so (here "time" is used in the utilitarian sense  as a subjective time), there is no the beginning of formation of Universe.   

Accordingly the Big Bang Theory of A.Friedman [3] is false. Universe was not formed(as a result of Big Bang), but changed – moved. If to speak about Universe: «It was» then it indicates only that motions are consecutive. It is impossible to speak and so: «what is the original cause of Universe formation?», since the word «original» speaks about Universe beginning. But its beginning is no – World was always. It is necessary to speak: «Universe is infinite in motion».


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