Working out of the Unified Theory

Unified Theory of Nature and how is it similar to the development of N. Tesla

           I devote this paper to the city of my dream

Colorado-Sprinps, where Tesla worked



 Colorado. Here created N.Tesla


Surprisingly, but a series of representations of N.Tesla about Nature coincides with standings of the featured here the Unified Theory (Working out of the Unified Theory see) in a certain measure. This is the standing about ether existence. This is the statement about the vortex character of a motion of ether. This is the representation about electromagnetic waves as the longitudinal-cross oscillations of ether.

However the standings about essence ether on N.Tesla and under the Unified Theory - are the cardinally various. Besides, in the Unified Theory the essence of ether is detected as a result of enough deep the physics-philosophical analysis (Unified Theory of Nature, Gravitation, Space and Time and  Ether see), while at N.Tesla the ether is simply accepted, that leaves it the mysterious.

Ether vortex motion at N.Tesla also is primely accepted. But how it proceeds and how the various vortexes motions mutually coexist, it is not known. In the Unified Theory ether vortex motions are proved, classified and mutually co-ordinated. 

The longitudinal-cross character of oscillations of ether in electromagnetic waves at N.Tesla also is not proved. The deep-seated essence of these oscillations is not erected also. In the Unified Theory, on the contrary, all it is featured (Electromagnetic wave see)

In other base standings about Nature the representation of N.Tesla even more differ from the standings of the Unified Theory. So, N.Tesla accepts, that World is the five-measured. The Unified Theory  groundedly proves its three-dimensionality (The meaning of Space and Time is wrong see). He foggy enough specifies, that the matter is the developing process of excitations of ether and the material World is formed by the standing waves in ether. The author of the Unified Theory does not specify, but in a result of the uneasy theoretical examination detects, that World is formed by the maternal and the vortex ether ("Ether" see above).

N.Tesla considers, that Time is created from ether and it has a course, which direction can be changed. Under the Unified Theory the Time is not created from anything. Time - the false co-ordinate of a motion ("The meaning of Space and Time is wrong" see). The law of a resonance is accepted by N.Tesla as the general natural law, which bottom is considered the electromagnetism. By that he considered, that the electromagnetism is related to Gravity. However the resonance originates in the fluctuating systems, but in Nature it is exist also aperiodic processes, for example, explosion, fall, collision, etc. From this it follows, that the resonance law cannot be the general natural law. Besides, under the Unified Theory  the electromagnetism is not related absolutely to Gravitation (see above "Electromagnetic wave" and Gravity is not an attraction see).

Cosmological concepts of N.Tesla and his most significant technical ideas have been used at trying of making of the invisibility of the sea-craft. According to N.Tesla's representations it was considered, the antigravitational field and a motion in Time will be gain by that.

The experiment has rendered the extremely strong physical and mental action on the participants of the experiment. Thereupon it was informed about the passage of the person through a wall and about travel to Time. However the cause of the effects of the experience, as then it became clear, was the rather high level of energy. It was visible on the soldered in a board of the vessel the bodies, and on the handfuls of ashes from bodies. The specified cause has proved to be true further from the experiences of liberation of considerable quantities of nuclear energy. As appears from above stated, the specified experience on N.Tesla, has not confirmed neither makings of the invisibility, nor the antigravity, nor the motion in Time.

Certainly, N.Tesla has given to the contemporaries and the subsequent generations the variety of the major technical inventions, which have essentially advanced the development of a human society. However it is obvious, that N.Tesla concepts are not capable to solve the global and new ripened problems of Mankind. Here instances of these problems.

These are the protection of mother Earth against dangerous asteroids, protection of the occupied territories against destructive tornadoes, against earthquakes. These are the Gravity control and Inertia, prevention of the air crashes, which the quantity increases. This is the reception of a considerable quantity of energy for maintenance of life of Mankind on Earth. These are the travels to a near Space. These are the guidance of sea currents, cyclones and antycyclones. These are protection against the global warming, protection against the snow banks. This is anoperative quenching of forest fires. This is the navigation in ices irrespective of a season of year. This is the voiding of cities of a smog. This is the refund of the territories, which have flooded by the conservation reservoirs of the river plants and the atomic power stations.  These are protection of the occupied territories against high waters, against a tsunami. This is reception of enough of the sweet water.

The specified extremely important for survival of Mankind modern problems capable to solve the Unified Theory (Unified Theory of Nature see)




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