Working out of the Unified Theory

What is the Universe if it combines Gravity and Inertia?


In Universe there are bands without Gravity


What is the Universe? Everywhere-whether in the Universe there is a Gravity? (Unsolved secrets of the Universe see)

Above (Essence of Gravity see) we have erected what is Gravity. From "Properties of Space" follows that Universe is endless. We will designate the macrozones in Universe, where ether is in the squeezing phase (Gravity is not everywhere see), i.e. where are aggregations of galaxies, through "C".

Accordingly, the zones in Universe, where there is no Gravity, i.e. where is the phase of expansion of ether (setting in here after the phase of squeezing) – the space between the aggregations of galaxies, through «Р».

Obviously, the zone of expansion of ether (the followed in the viewed place behind the squeezing phase) takes in many time greater volume, than the ether compression zone. Then the mathematical (geometrical) their integrating: C ∩ Р will lead to unique effect. The effect is the volumetric-periodic structure of Universe. Besides, the dilated zone (the band whithout Gravity) in addition  approaches galaxies to each other in their aggregations.  

Thus the Universe is a structura "honeycombs". By that the gravitating aggregations of galaxies will be in the bafflers of the "honeycombs", and between the bafflers – the dilated ether without Gravity.

It is the exterior closure of the infinite Universe (the interior see in What is space vacuum  - only the Unified Theory of Nature could answer this and Space vortex changes) on one the terminating wrongly periodically iterated structure. That is essentially differs from A.Einstein's geometrical closure with the warpage of the abstract nonexistent space. Further (in more vast scale) behind this structure obviously works Universe Bruno's  principle of homogeneity.  Thus, Universe is endless and simultaneously closed!   

Into meshes of "honeycombs" is not the rarefaction. Here the general density ρ gen  much more, than medial density of a baffler ρ med. Therefore motion (the ether fluxion) goes from a mesh to a baffler. Just therefore the bafflers were formed (and their existence is a fact, see Cellular Structure of the Universe). In the baffler are their own  equalizations of density ρ  of ether. These are ether fluxions to the centres of galaxies and stars and from the centres of galaxies and stars. The first lead to origination of Gravity in Universe, the second mean explosions of galaxies and stars in Universe. But the interior (in the baffler) galactic equalizations have the continuance of Tg << the continuance of  Tm of the meshes of the "honeycombs". These honeycomb oscillations are slow because of lack in the honeycombs of jets, since here ∆ρ is small.

Then  ρ med , i.e. density in the baffler, is increased above, than it was necessary for the equalization of ρ  between the mesh and the baffler. It originates at the expense of Inertia of galaxies and starsThere are reverse currents of the maternal ether. By that in Universe the bafflers start to be transmuted into the meshes.

That is in Universe in the zone of the mesh and the baffler density changes in an opposite phase from the reduction to the magnification and on the contrary.  That gives the continuous oscillations of "honeycombs". By that it is originated now one, now another. Accordingly, in each macrozone of Universe originated now Inertia, now Gravity.The sizes, the shape and the places of the meshes and the bafflers in Universe change continuously.

That's what the Universe is, that's how it combines Gravity and Inertia.


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