Working out of the Unified Theory

Galaxy formation and the mutual conversion of various types of galaxies

Spiral, elliptic and spherical galaxies



In the previous paper we have erected, that ether fluxion leads to formation of a space vortex. But where ether flows at a space vortex centre? 

Space vortex changes. If ether inflows into the centre and at once streams from centre, then it is the continuous process. That cannot be true,since according to the Unified Theory all in Universe is the oscillating (All fluctuates see). The last means, that in the central part of a space vortex there is one of two phases – the consolidation phase (Density magnification see). As the jets in this central part rotate longwise (and cross, see Longitudinal axis), then the consolidation goes by "winding" of the ethereous jets about the central zone of the space vortex. The subsequent phase in this zone will be the phase of expansion.

In the middle of the space vortex there is just the "winding", since at once in the beginning of formation of a space vortex the forefront of one jet of the viscous ether (Ether viscosity see) is dragged by the lateral zone of the same second  jet, and the forefront of the second – by the  lateral zone of the first jet (fig. 4). 


Fig. 4. The gear of occurrence of the "winding" of ether in a space vortex:

 a –  the moment of beginning of the "winding"; δ - the "winding".


At the gyration of the spiral space vortex the jets of the actively flowing ether "are reeled" on it (since the motion is in the zone with the lowered density ρ). For the greater space vortex – together with the particles, the bodies (Filtration pressure see), pierced (1st fundamental property of ether see) by this fluxion to the indicated greater space vortex. As a result the space vortex is condensed as the thickening and grows. By that the cross gyration, what was in the converging jets of the space vortex, is prolonged here in the condensed zone – in the kern of the rotating torus.

It is the real closure of the motion "squeezing" of ether – the 2nd interior closure of Universe. (About the exterior closure see Infinite Universe), and about the 1st interior – in Interior mathematical closure).

Formation of kinds of galaxies. Pressure of ether from two directions, orthogonal to the plane of the formed spiral space vortex (galaxy), from the moment of its occurrence accordingly becomes less, than in the plane of the vortex and further in the process of space vortex development this difference grows. Therefore the central condensed zone of the space vortex (spiral galaxy) is extruded by the external pressure of ether in the space vortex plane to the two sides on axis of its gyration. The initial shape of this zone will obviously take the form of an ellipsoid (elliptic galaxy), which the smaller axis coincides with the axis of the spiral space vortex.

Further, in process of the active "winding" of the flat part of the space vortex on the condensed zone, the flat part decreases, and the condensed zone is increased. The growing exterior (in the plane of the space vortex) pressure at the decreasing axis pressure all more and more extrudes of this zone to the sides from the gyration plane. The  ellipsoid becomes all less extended, coming nearer to a ball (spherical galaxy). The difference of densities of ether in macroSpace (which was the initial cause of the motion) by that decreases. Then the ratatory speed of the macrovortex (galaxy) in process of the transformation from the spiral shape in the globe decreases. Accordingly the steepness of inlet of the jets in the central condensed zone of the space vortex (galaxy) is increased. 

Thus, for the first time erected, how the changes of the ether space vortex result to occurrence of the various kinds of galaxies. In addition it is installed, that the known "kinds" of galaxies are not the kinds, but the phases of their state. Each galaxy - the macro-vortex of ether - goes through a cycle of successive transformations of the macro-vortex, that has arisen in the given region of Universe. 


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