Working out of the Unified Theory

Laws of the Universe -- ether-vortex foundations



Existence of Universe (life see) is manifested through existence of its fundamental structure - a vortex of ether, which is the indispensable consequence of the main attribute of Material Space - its dissimilarity (Space is distinguished see). As any existence is determined by stability , then the existence of Universe will be determined by stability of ether vortexes of Universe.

Rotation speed of ether vortexes. From the stability theory ([27] see) streams for maintenance of gyration of smaller object it is necessary its greater velocity of gyration, than of greater object (with other things being equal). Then  smaller the existing in Universe vortex - the more its rotation frequency (the angular speed). I.e. the gyration is more appreciable. So, the huge galaxies are not biased in the gyration concerning the others considerably, though they have gyration, since the characteristic for a vortex the jets – "the sleeves" ("vortex of ether" see) are visible. The electron (Electron - vortex see), on the contrary, has the huge angular speed of gyration. It means, on the edge of a galaxy the ether flows very slowly to it, but the flow speed about bodies is the major, including about the bodies along the edges of a galaxy.

Dependence of microvortexes. From the сonseqence 1: «the rectilinear motion – the unstable motion, the vortex – the stable» and the standing "existence is stability"  streams the consequence: 1st law of existence of Universe – the more curvature of the given vortex, the more it is the stable, and is revertive – the less curvature of the given vortex, the less its stability.

2nd law of existence of Universe: the more stability of a vortex, i.e. ("Stability" see above) the ability to existence – the vitality, the more its independence (including from the parental fluxion of ether – the cause).

The consequence, apparently, streams from 1st and 2nd laws: the smaller vortexes can be torn off from the parental fluxion (the greater) and to exist in Universe independently, being closed on itself. (It would seem such example is the free electrons).

However the full independent existence of microvortexes in Universe is impossible for the following causes: 1) the microvortex motions should die away (i.e. microparticles would disappear – they would not exist) because of viscosity of ether surrounding them (4th property of ether see); 2) for the independent motion - existence in Universe it is necessary the Inertia presence, but the Inertia streams just from the dependency of microvortexes – from inflowings in them of ether. As to free electrons, then they are free not from ether, but are free chemically (Тhe chemical bond see). They are not bound with other microvortexes. 3) besides from "Space vortex changes" follows that the microvortexes of bodies, of particles are the dependent, since they "reel"ether on itself.

From practice in hydromechanics (and aerodynamics) it is known that more prompt the gyration of liquid medium round a centre of rotation, the less the rate of flux (kg/c) of medium to the centre (it is theoretically logical also). From this it follows that though the ether rate of flux to the microvortex is, but it is extremely small at the high speeds of gyration of ether. This gives gyration process (the vortex existence) in the rather long time. The bright example is the gyration of water round drainhole in a bath. As soon as there is a water gyration – the sink starts to be retarded and the more, the more prompt the gyration, i.e. gyration existence becomes more long-term.

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