Working out of the Unified Theory

Inertia is displayed through the elasticity of ether

Nobody knows what is the Inertia, but all test it. An asteroid at collision with EarthThe car, not submitting to brakes and smashed. The child, falling by the face on a road. The bullet, which has taken off from the trunk of a pistol. The plane on a landing strip. "Titanic" at the movement on the iceberg. The train, going on a head-on collision with other counter train. Houses, turning to a heap of fragments at the earthquake.  


Inertia "hardly has stirred shoulders"


And here Inertia "was enraged"


I.Njuton has entered the concepts: "Inertia", "Gravitation". From I.Njuton's first law and law of Gravity there was the unresolved (till now) fundamental problem about the equivalence of Gravity and Inertia, and also the equivalence of the gravitational and the inertial masses. 

If we knew, in what the secret of Inertia is covered, we would be able to drive Inertia. Then we have expelled many views of catastrophes. These are accidents on highways, catastrophes on the railway, air crashes. Moreover, we could expel collision of an asteroid with Earth. 

Fantastic possibilities, it is possible to dream of it only! To dream? Here the dream becomes a reality. 

So what is the Inertia?

2.27. Inertia as the property. This property, which has been found out as the ability of the material object (being in Space) to counteract the change of its velocityV (including from Vо = 0).

Consequence 1. As stability ([27] see) is too the ability to maintain the motion, the standing (from V = 0 to V ≠ 0), then stability coincides with Inertia, i.e. the concept of Inertia is dilated.

Consequence 2. Space is not vacuum, but is filled by the material medium (Continuous Material Space see). That is the ether existence is really confirmed through the existence of Inertia in Space.

Consequence 3. Inertia it is displayed both by water, and by air. From this it follows that air and water too are in ether. But as water and air have no of boundaries (as the body has them) then ether does not flow round of water and of air (as, for example, water flows round a body), but pierces water and air. It confirms the essence of Gravitation as the filtration phenomenon (Pressure is Gravity see).

2.28. The essence of Inertia. Inertia is displayed through the elasticity of ether: Inertia – the consequence of the elasticity of ether. It streams from the following.

Ether at the formation of vortexes any shape and size (including microvortexes) increases the elasticity (Consolidation of ether and 5th property of ether see) including about the body and in the body.*  At a push (N = const) or a yank (N ' = dN/dt) of the body having the initial velocity V1 = const, i.e. at the body travel in Space by force N, that gives V = var (look above),  the microvortexes in the body are bent (for example the orbits of microparticles are turned or distort). At the push termination (V1 = const) they it is elastic become on the former places. It occurs because of that any diversions in ethereous Space are levelled (Self-equalization see).

Here, in particular, the microdensities in the field of the turned microvortex are levelled (fig. 7). The foregoing is obviously valid for ethereal vortices of any size and shape. 

Thus Inertia is displayed through the elasticity of ether. It confirms 5th fundamental property of ether (Look above and Pushing away of magnets  see also).


Fig. 7. Change of microdensities ρ at the microvortex rotational displacement; 


The mechanical model, corresponding to the given plan of essence of Inertia, will look like, figured on fig. 8.




Fig. 8. Mechanical model of the essence of Inertia at the body gyration.

1 – a body; 2 – springs; 3 – the visco-elastic medium (ether);


However here the springs are proportioned in a body also as the set of the microsprings –  microvortexes,  which distort (fig. 9):

By the viewing of progress body or the body, moving on the trajectory about the centre which is outside of the body, the ethereous jets will bend off also back, but not on the circle, as is shown in fig. 8, but back concerning the direction of the motion of a body.





Fig. 9. The plan of deformation of ether jets. N – force, acting on a body.


The more promptly change velocity of a body (for example, the sports kern from zero to 1 m/s for 1 s, for 0,5 s...), the more abrupt parts rc of vortexes (of jets) bend, since they are the more forcesteady (if the more exact [27] – the stability margin is more). And at the rather major force N ~ a (where a – the acceleration) can bend and the most interior and even the small microvortexes can collapse. At the moment of termination of force the springs start to unsqueeze  being repelled from the body creating force (for example, from the hand).  After removal of force of a push the body together with its ethereous "springs" becomes free, moving on the force direction at the last moment its activities. That is its gained velocity (motion) is maintained.

Consequence 1. The known fact from experience: «the body mass – the measure  of its Inertia» speaks by the above described theory of Inertia. We will view two examples.

a. For comparison of masses we will take two bodies identical on the size. But one of them has the major mass, second – the smaller. Then the body with the greater mass has more of the microvortexes – the condensed jets (springs) r, fig. 9. Means their total is more difficult to incurvate (force is necessary the greater) at a push (the acceleration) of a body.

b. We will take two bodies of identical density ρ, but one body is the greater, the second is the smaller then since in the greater body there are more of microvortexes then to it goes more of the spring extremities of these microvortexes – the elastic levers – jets (springs).

From here follows also that the elementary microvortexes are the physical essence of the inertial mass of a body (What is the gravitational mass see also).

Consequence 2. As a result of "winding" of jets of ether it is formed the accumulation in a body of the vortex ether – to the body and through the body goes more of jets – "springs" − hence Inertia of the body is increased. In mesovortices (stars) and macrovortices (galaxies), the same winding of the ether occurs on these vortices (Formation of galaxies and stars see). Correspondingly, more powerful "springs" are also created around them. Inertia of stars and galaxies is increasing, although in their central region there are no microvortices ("What is the gravitational mass" and Conditions of coexistence of galaxies see). 

Consequence 3. As the friction in a vortex is not present, in view of lack of a cross-section gradient of velocities of jets (Cross motion see) then the vortex rotates on Inertia practically without without deceleration.

Consequence 4. Maternal ether, regardless to Space bodies, to gas, to molecules, to atoms..., does not possess Inertia, since Inertia – the composite phenomenon (see above), the ether in which –  the  simple component part. It means also that in Space motions – in the ether  macrooscillations: «squeezing – expansion» also is not present Inertia.    

Consequence 5. Inertia occurs simultaneously with the occurrence of Gravitation. As soon as there are ether microvortexes at once there is through them the filtration – Gravitation, and to microvortexes – the fluxion of ether causing Inertia. If Gravitation is finished in Nature (In Universe there are bands without Graviation see), then Inertia also disappears.  

Consequence 6. Dependence of microvortexes is confirmed by the essence of Inertia.

If microvortexes were independent, then to turn of them (to change a standing in Space) it would be easy - without   an effort, so, without Inertia. But since to turn of them (to change a standing) difficultly, then they are not free, but are fastened with the elastic jets of the in-leak in microvortexes (look above the second paragraph).

Consequence 7. The essence of Inertia shows, that the usual mechanical motion (a body motion) is not the separate kind of motion, since transfers in the most thin World – the world of the ether motion. And all other motions and forces (Look hardly further): the electric, the magnetic, the chemical, etc. are in the gap between macro- and a microCosm and speak by the same motion – the ether  travel,i.e. by the mechanical motion (The Time Machin secret see also).

Consequence 8. According to the erected essence of Inertia and Gravitation (look above) they are not equivalent. As to the inertial and gravitational masses, this same(see above). The elementary mass – an ether microvortex. The body mass  is the amount of the vortex ether The obtained result eliminates the need for further refinement experiments to verify the Principle of Equivalence of Mass existing in the Theory of Relativity. 

Consequence 9. Knowing deep-seated secrets of Inertia, you can very many (Guidance of the dangerous natural phenomena see).


  * It is necessary to represent very accurately, that the elasticity here is displayed not through theether filtration (but only at filtration), since the filtration gives force ("Essence of Gravitation" see) through viscosity (look about properties of ether) which at ether it is small (after all the maternal ether – the most least dense medium) and the filtration speed V, which also is small at the widely known developments of Inertia (for example, at a push of a sports kern).



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