Working out of the Unified Theory

Revealed the mystery of the charge and the deep essence of the magnetic field


Charge of electron. Above it is established that all movements in Nature are came to the mechanical movement, and that the vortical makro- meso- and micromovements consist of the longitudinal and the cross  motion. Then we will give  the definition: the ether longitudinal motion in a vortex – a spin, the cross rotary movement of ether in a vortex is a charge.

The direction of rotation concerning the longitudinal motion – a charge sign. The tore microvortex of ether is the circumrotatory micromotion of ether, the cross component of which is the elementary charge. It is known, that the elementary charge is the charge of electron (positron). Then the microvortex is an electron (positron).  The cross gyration in a microvortex to the diferent sides concerning the same longitudinal axis of the vortex – the positive charge (for example, at a positron) and the negative charge (for example, at an electron), fig. 10. The  intermicrovortex (interelectronic) pressure in a conductor – the electrical voltage.



Fig. 10. The electron (a) and the positron (δ).



The progress of microvortexes – the electric current. A body charge is the microvortexes on the body surface (are pressed by Gravity to the body), have oriented by theirs plane of the gyration orthogonally to the surfaces of the body (polarised, Coexistence of vortexes see). At the identical sign of rotation of microvortexes the charge is increased – the body is charged.*                                    

Value of a charge of a body (Body and the bound microvortexes see) – the quantity of the equally oriented untied microvortexes on the surface of the body.

What is the magnetic field? From the stated follows that the ether cross motion in a microvortex, that is a charge, will cause the transit flow of the maternal ether (The pure ether see) through the microvortex – torus. This is the own magnetic field of a microvortex. That is the original cause of magnetic field is the elementary charge. On fig. 11, not to complicate the plan, the part of jets of an ethereous flow is figured only). The flow direction of the transit ether in a microvortex, the orthogonal to its plane, is the direction of the magnetic field of a microvortex.

The consequence of that the direction of the magnetic field – the orientation of microvortexes, is the orientation of the magnetised needle in the exterior magnetic field – the ether flow, as this needle is system of the rigidly anchored equally oriented microvortexes.



Fig. 11. Structure of an electron: 1 – the microvortex, 2 – it’s the "magnetic field", 3 – the affluenting in microvortex ether jets.

From the essence of Gravity (Filtrational character of Gravity see) and the property of the self-equalization of ether (All is levelled see) follows that the external motion of the maternal ether in the field of a microvortex will orient the microvortex concerning the direction of ether fluxion. Then the external flow of the ether in which there is placed a body, will be aimed to orient microvortexes (the electrons) equally.

The ranked orientation of the microvortexes of a body in an ether flow – the body magnetization  (the body becomes a magnet). Accordingly, if the motion of the exterior flow of ether is more prompt or the more dense, then the greater quantity of microvortexes (the electrons) is polarised, i.e. the magnetic field is stronger. The body, withdrawn from the zone of its magnetisation, can remain with the ranked microvortexes (the ferromagnetic). The microvortexes stretch through themselves ( through the toruses) the transit maternal ether by own charge (by the cross component of the motion of a jet in the microvortex) at the expense of the viscosity of ether (Property of an ether - viscosity see). It is formed the multiple-stage microvortex pump, fig. 12). Since the microvortex - the electron also has the actively longitudinal course of the ether, the resulting transit flow will be a jet, the lateral surface of which is a steep cylindrical spiral ("Longitudinal and cross motion"  see).  



Fig. 12. The microvortex pump.



The general transit flow is pumped over through the magnetised body (the magnet). It creates excess of ether on its exit from the body and a lack on an entrance point. There originates  zones of different density of ether. According to the property of ether – self-equalization  ("All is levelled" see) the stream at escaping of the magnetised body is returned to the inlet place – the flow from the outside closes.

* The cause of pushing away and an attraction of the electrified bodies streams from here. The repprochement of bodies will lead to the attraction or the pushing away of microvortexes, have oriented orthogonally to the surface of a body ("Сoexistence of vortexes" see). From here streams also the cause of an electrization of bodies by the friction of their surface – the polarisation of electrons.


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