Working out of the Unified Theory

Mass – motion and mass – charge

        Wave  properties of a particle are caused by its gyration 


As a microvortex – the motion and a microvortex – the mass, then mass is the motion! It slightly opens the secret of occurrence of a particle [32]: why during experiences a particle arises, as though, from anything?

And further, as a charge – the motion in a microvortex (Charge of a microvortex see) and mass – the motion in a microvortex ("Microvortex - the mass" see above), then mass and charge – two sides of the same phenomenon – of the ether microvortex motion.  But as in numerous experiences it is established, that the minimum charge is the charge of an electron, then the minimum elementary particle in a microCosm is an electron (positron).  It explains the mysterious analogy of the formulas for the point masses and the point charges: of the gravitational force  Ν г = γ . m1 · m2  ⁄ r2    and the electrostatic force    N q = k · q1 ·  q2 ⁄ r2 and confirms the stated above Unified Theory through the proof: mass ≡ motion ≡ charge (where "≡" means identity).    

The ether gyration – the essence of the wave properties of a "particle". As a "particle" − the vortex ("Microvortex - the mass" and "Charge of microvortex" see above) or connection of vortexes,  then it has a rotation frequency. Hence the essence of the wave (of the frequency) properties of a "particle" is in it. The ether "particle" also is characterised by frequency, but it is the frequency of the vibration of ether (2nd fundamental property of ether see).


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