Working out of the Unified Theory

Why magnets are attracted?

The attraction and pushing away of magnets it is explained by a mysterious magnetic field. What ever the deep-seated processes here occur?

At the arrangement of one magnet about the another by the unlike poles (fig. 13) in the zone "A" occurs the oncoming traffic of the transit jets of etherfrom the both magnets (B and C). As a result of collision of the jets the unstable turbulent zone is formed here. The zone overlaps the ring slot between the magnets round the axial flow «Е» of ether, affluenting in the magnet "B" (the streaming of the magnet "C"). Tnen the resistance to the tractive of this turbulent zone of ether in the ring slot between the magnets sharply increases. It leads to linking of the equally guided exterior longitudinal streams of ether about the magnet "B" and  "C" in the general flow «D», and through the viscosity of the proceeding in the magnet of “C” of ether draws the “C” by the current of ether to the magnet "B"(Local Gravitation see), joining their interior longitudinal flows of ether.

At the small release of the magnets through the slot (the zone "A") is formed some suctoon of the turbolised ether – accordingly the axial attraction of the magnets will decrease a little.



Fig. 13. Physical essence of attraction and pushing away of magnets.


Why magnets are repelled? At rapprochement of the similar poles there is no the damping of jets of ether in the places of their contact since the direction of their motion in the given place coincides (jets co-exist). The motion of jets of ether in each magnet is the selfcontained and the steady. The steady since each jet is anchored by the "dressed" on it steady motions – by the microvortexes (tops, gyros). As a result the attempt from the outside to pull together the magnets leads to the attempt to turn set of the stable microvortexes (that is Inertia, stability coincides with Inertia  see and microvortex rotational displacement see) –  of "the gyros" together with their axes – the elastic jets of ether of each magnet (flowing by the way of the least filtration resistance) that demands the efforts from the outside for this elastic deformation, i.e. for the approach of magnets. This is the essence of attraction and pushing away of magnets consists in it (and the essence of their magnetic fields). The cause of attraction of magnets is Gravity, and of repulsions – Inertia (in the dilated concept, "Stability coincides with Inertia"  see above).

Consequence. The essence of the magnetic field and the experience with magnets confirmed  that ether is elastic.

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