Working out of the Unified Theory

New about the structure of the atomic nucleus

                                           Beautiful, but it is not strong impossible for life


Till now the description of structure of an atom kern and, accordingly, the description of the nuclear interaction are very difficult. We will give the solution of the problems on basis of the stated above materials of working out of the Unified Theory. 

In the certain conditions microvortexes can enter into mutual hitch (Mutual hitch see). By that because of them big stock of stability (Curvature and 1st law see) the system of the hitched a friend for a friend of microvortexes can maintain the big breaking loads (fig. 14).



Fig. 14. The relative positioning of the counteracting to disrupture vortexes.


The mutual hitch of pair of the microvortexes: a neutron and a proton (fig. 15) is very strong because of stability of the vortexes ("Curvature and 1st law" see adove) and aspiration to a minimality of the system after the hitch.   




Fig. 15. Not beautiful, but it is strong!  Here a real hitch of a neutron with a proton


From here it is visible, that  the atomic nucleus  structure is concluded in the hitch. And the vortex less, the gyration is more prompt (Rotation speed see) – the hitch is more strong ("Curvature and 1st law" see adove), but realisation of the hitch is more difficult. It is cause of the strong nuclear interaction.



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