Working out of the Unified Theory

Ether-vortex nature of chemical bond

Here all is artificial, and below everything is natural


At approach of an atom (of the multigrade family of microvortexes) to the second atom, but the nonsaturated, the electron (microvortex) becomes the general – the chemical bond (fig. 16).



Fig. 16. The vortex structure of the chemical bond. 1 – an electron; 2 – the kern of one of atoms.

                   (The place of a contact of two orbits is extended on the axis X for the descriptive reasons).


How ever is formed a chemical bond? Two jets of ether in the field of the outer orbits of the electrons of two atoms (for the simplicity we will term their as the circular) co-exist peacefully (Collision impossible see) in the zone of their approchement to a contact. But if in this place it is brought by one of these jets an electron, then the electron because of its Inertia is transfered in the next jet, since the place of the contact of these jets for it –  the  way without a warpage of the trajectory*. 

After the electron transition into the joint for two atoms orbit ("the eight", fig. 16) there is the attractive force of these atoms at the expense of Gravity on the way of filtration of ether through the electron to the kerns of each of atoms and the kerns approach a little. The elasticity of orbits of the electrons, that is Inertia, will be interfered to the further approchement of the atoms. The arisen approchement can lead to the subsequent changes – to the same exchange by the electrons at the deeper jets – at the orbits of the electrons of the indicated atoms.

Gravitational pressure on these new electrons presses the atoms to each other in addition. This leads to the deformation  of the outer orbits of the electrons – the orbits of the electron about each atom extend the site of their concurrence in the place of the indicated cross – the site is straightened.

As a result the electron, transiting through this direct site, has the opportunity to enter on the orbit about the first atom and about the second.

 It means – the electron gains the neutral concerning each kern of atoms dynamic stability in the orbit. The neutral stability allows [27] to the electron to leave from its joint orbit at once after the passage of the indicated site, leaving from the parental atom and from the made related with it. The free electron, the electronic gas and the type of bond, known as the metallic bond, is formed.

The other known views of bonds [29] are formed also similarly, that is a body is the system - family of the bound microvortexes of ether.

Thus the cause of occurrence of the chemical bonding of atoms are Inertia and Gravitation.


* At occurrence of a chemical bond of atoms the planes of two exterior jets of vortexes of ether, bearing two electrons, will be aimed to the concurrence because of the electron Inertia at its motion on the joint orbit about two atoms.




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