Working out of the Unified Theory

The strength of a solid is explained by its ether-vortex nature

Why the strength of a solid on compression is more than the strength on a tensioning? The answer, as though, follows from the form of the potential curved line of interaction of atoms [1]. However why the curved line has such form – nobody knows.

Strength at compression. At the mechanical compression of a body there is the rapprochement of each two next atoms of the body. By that everyone atom – the manyranked sistem of microvortexes of ether, compressed in one direction, in other start to be stretched.

Thus, in fact at compression of  body pushing away is absent (!!) in it.  Compression at the macrolevel leads to tensioning at the microlevel. This is the tensioning of the making body particles – of the steady structures – of the microvortexes.

Strength at tensioning. At the trial of a body for a tensioning there are the stretching forces at all levels of microvortexes. It leads of the body to the ruptures in the weakest places ("Sistem of microvortexes of ether" see above) – between microvortexes.

Thus, the deep essence of interaction of solid bodies is discovered. It explains the secret, why the limiting force of tensioning of a solid always less, than the limiting force of compression, and also other secret - the reason of the form of the potential curved line of interaction of atoms ([1] see above).

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