Vladimir Kumachyov

Dr.Sci.Tech., professor   



The favourite sciences: physics, philosophy, astronomy, cybernetics, geology, geometry.

The entrainmentsa guitar, an electronic microscope, the designing of physical devices.                                   

The Principles of Unified Theory of Nature has developed and has revealed the secret of Gravitywhich allows you to protect yourself from the disastrous dangers looming over you.

Various secrets of Nature, especially Gravity, was interested since the childhood. But has reflected in 13 years old when during the next school vacation earned on life, jolting the heavy trolleys with bricks, and the trolley on the rotary circle was derailed and it was necessary to raise and deliver of it on rails. In 16 years she has set thinking even more over herself when at the cannery I had to unload 2 years bags with sugar on 100 kg and to roll on the abrupt gangway upwards 400 kilogramme flanks with the Bulgarian tomato-paste.  

I have sworn to learn of her and for this purpose I carried a 32 kg weight on my shoulder for 5 kilometers, dug foundation ditches, jolted a kern, impinged on a motorcycle, threw a hammer, springed from a tree, studied the sciences and arts which seemed to her far from her: hydraulics, cybernetics, designing of the drive trucks, thermodynamics, the mathematical logic, ballistics, the solid state physics, geometry, the electrical technology, meteorology, the electronic microscopy, the molecular theory of gases and fluids, designing of the measuring instruments, building of the bases, optics, the hydraulic engineering facilities, the radio electronics, the mechanics of grounds, the atomic engineering, the mechanics of materials, the vacuum engineering. 

It is so much the combat arms, simultaneously attacking her the majority from which to her practically were not known, Gravity did not see yet. And she has obeyed. 

And these numerous sciences and arts, in gratitude for such attention to them, have given still variety of the collateral (unlike to medical medicines) positive effects. 

It was found out the phenomenon Heat-mechanical shock in a fluid. The phenomenon leaves for frameworks of laws of thermodynamics and allows to create the essentially new expedients of obtaining of energy. Gives the chance to reduce the temperature of Ocean and accordingly to be protected from the global warming.

The phenomenon is featured in the monography with the same name and realised in a construction of the new generator of energy and in the expedient of the almost instant stopping of the left from subordination nuclear reactor.






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