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Who does not want to the relatives, the most expensive persons and to the little men that they lived, rejoiced to the blue sky with floating white clouds, rejoiced to murmur of the stream, sparkling on the sun flowing on beautiful pebbles, rejoiced to rustle of the mysterious wood charged with intoxicating odours of needles or invocatory odours of mushrooms?! Who does not want to see the delightful power of a marine surf, the boundless breadth of the dark blue sea, unclosed from the vertex of mountain the striking beauty of a panorama of our beauty of Earth?!

How many on it perfect?! But all beings expensive to us, we and all perfect suddenly can disappear because of ours for the present powerlessness before the coming nearer  dangerous asteroid. What for was to become the billionaire? What for was to become a variety star? What for was to become the movie star? All rich, well-known and nice, together with the poorest and unknown, will disappear in a moment. All!

Someone from physicists now will tell: «Ha, how much billions years Earth is  lived and the probability of that something suddenly happens, very small». I will answer it in the mathematic. I ask you: «the probability is?» You will tell: «Yes, but it very-very small». I: «And you know-whether, what on Probability Theory (and you after all the physicist-mathematician) in connection with the very-very long absence of the likelihood event (here, cataclysm on Earth which missed too very-very long) its probability is sharply incremented?». The deduction: You substitute all of us and your relatives under extreme danger by your "Ha". 

Other physicist will tell: «In December, 2012 Earth was sweepped by a panic before Great Opposition approach, but after all happens nothing?!» I: «And why you during this panic were silent, how waters in a mouth having typed? That is why that you too trusted in the cataclysm since did not know about what I will write now in this site».

And if you in connection with the asteroid approach start to refer to God as already meets among physicists, then with all of us and with our to us expensive there will be that already often happened at the major hope of God with the most defenceless beings – children. Why they suffer, why they now untimely lose the most perfect – life?!!

I saw, how the ten years' girl with the сyanosis sponges (because of a congenital heart disease) spoke to the mum: «Mummy and why all children run, and I cannot?». She has lived only 10 years in the hardest sincere sufferings and has soon died.

I never will reconcile to disappearance to me the very expensive – lives of the defenceless good little men. And now to protect all of them from the dangerous asteroid can only the adults who will create the kettle driving Gravitation, to that I will teach them in this site. This kettle will possess the extraordinary high speed of flight at the practical lack of fuel and can meet the asteroid long before its approach to  Earth and, using the antigravitational capabilities, will decline the asteroid from its trajectory to Earth.

The mission of my site – to teach people how to understand in all complexities of the surrounding us and acting in us Nature, to comprehend essence of Gravitation, Inertia and the terrible natural phenomena and to teach as to be protected from them (Look, for example, Secret of Inertia).

Besides, having comprehended Unified Theory of Nature, featured here, the unlimited possibilities will open for you - you can become the richest person on Earth. 



       I light, burning down                                                    Vladimir Kumachyov



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