Physics and philosophy gave birth to the Unified Theory of Nature

Physics and philosophy all their lives strive to create a unified theory of everything. But they don't succeed.  And how many challenges for creation of theory of everything !? Hundreds. But what are the theories? Already the passing sight speaks, that all of them have the internal and external contradictions and they cover far from every thing.

So, even most pretentious of them are devoted not to Nature, which is Universe -- World, but aimed in a field, which is far not Nature. And even if to assume, that an Unified Field Theory is created, secrets of Nature will be remain not opened. Then, first, what is the Unified Theory  if it does not cover Universe !? And, secondly, what is the field in general? It is not known by anybody. So what consolidate the applicants for Unified Field Theory – the illusive fields?

In 2011 my monography «Gravity. The principles of Unified Theory of Nature» was published ([49] see). In the monography the secret of Gravity revealed, that allows to create the protection frames from asteroids and much more. As the monography edition is extremely small, then in connection with approach of the dangerous asteroid I make the solution – urgently I create the personal vebsite and feature in it in details the opening of secret of Gravity and the build-up of  Unified Theory of Nature,  directly related to it. 

I will begin the description with history. In the researches on Gravity I have taken the trajectory, which is essentially distinct from the known trajectories. I, long reflecting, have unexpectedly comprehended the wisdom, hidden by Nature, which consists of the following. As Gravity in Nature is ubiquitous, then the secret of Gravity it hides in that does it unified. And this that – the secret of Nature too. For this reason the Theory of Everything misses till now. For this reason I have begun the disclosing of secret of Gravity with working out of the Theory of Nature.

In this search I has not stepped on the positions of my predecessors, including, did not begin to search for the mathematical (virtual) integrating of the various physical fields. Painfully reflecting over the words of physicists Steven Weinberg and Paul Davies, that the unified theory of Universe will lean against small number of fundamental physical principles, I did not find any solutions, but have suddenly lighted up – these principles should be the general, so they are subjects not the physics but the philosophy. However, as it is known, philosophy does not have Unified Theory too!

Then, having paid steadfast attention to Stephen Hawking's words about feeble friendship of philosophy with physics, I have solved to "marry" physics with philosophy.









At first, following A.Einstein's very important statement "mathematics is the only perfect way to lead oneself by the nose",  I "has separated" physics from its artful girlfriend mathematics. Then has a little rejuvenated philosophy. I have exchanged its concept "Opposition" by more general and more concrete concept – «Dissimilarity of Material Space». The indicated dissimilarity, as has then appeared, is ubiquitous and gives in everything, that is in Nature: to a motion, bodies, … (and also creates the favourite by physics symmetry), i.e. leads to the unity of Nature.

Then it was took the existing in physics and philosophy the co-ordinate of motion "Time". I explored the origin of this concept and groundedly has rejected the co-ordinate of motion "Time" as virtual. Physics and philosophy loved the illusively occurbed illegitimate daughter, but it, as soon as was born, all strove to escape them, generating the various secrets – secret of Machine Time, secret of the principle of uncertainty, secret of the multiplicity of prehistories, etc. From it both the physics and philosophy heavy suffered. Having created clearness in their relations, I managed to pull together essentially them.

How I would not like to be engaged in ether! And as I resisted, but it was necessary, to return to the known ether of M.Faradej and J. Maxwell. From the beginning of my reflexions the ether was persistently represented to me, as well as Time, the virtual, though various authors allocated it by properties of gas, or of fluid. Then in the course of researches there was unexpectedly the surprising new: ether – not a gas and not a fluid, but it is material, ubiquitous, and has the real physical properties, integrating Nature together.

Thus  on the basis of new relationships of cause and effect I have found out, that the fundamental principles of the unified theory are only two and they consist in the essence of Space and matter. Only two principles! Here the calmness has left me.

Having seized these two principles, I began to compare them with the known facts feverishly. And here, how happiness! Known in physics, astronomy, meteorology and other sciences the facts have started to be integrated together.

Really Unified Theory ?! I did not trust the eyes. So, but how the mysterious Gravity? After all the secret of Gravity – my purpose! But if it will contradict to the Unified Theory? Having taken over Gravitation phenomenon for the real fact, I with fear, as in the collider, has pushed off it with the young Unified Theory. And, oh Gods, all has failed! From so beautifully started to be shape the Unified Theory streamed: Gravity – not attraction!!!  How so? All are drawn and – no attraction? I have been crushed.

However, seeing the found out the essence of Gravity is accurately inscribed in the young Theory, I have started to think tensely. And here, at last, the new Gravity has soon started to open one secret of Nature for another and to add them in the Theory. The secret of planet OGLE-TB56 b, the secret of curvature of edge of disk of our Galaxy, the secret of leaving of stars from the globe aggregations, the secret of a globular lightning, the secret of a magnetic field. It meant: the young Theory and the new Gravitation are true!

I have felt, that I fly in heavens. And I was caught and carried. And what if to the person really to soar above ground? Really is it possible? The intense researches - and I find the surprising – the  person can fly as a bird. Here whence the myth about «a coffin of Magomet soaring above ground» has undertaken and the ancient certificate – «went on a sea as overland»! The former the people-Gods knew secret of Gravitation.

Then I have seen the solutions, how to create the antigravitational kettle, possessing the unusual flying properties. To take off with such acceleration, that for the observer it «dissolves in air» and to fly with the velocity of a meteor! By that not any overloads from «g». So same - the resort against the coming nearer asteroid.   

Here the unclosed capabilities of the young Unified Theory have deprived me of sleep. I have rushed to test it on the diversified phenomena and properties of Material World. Has hardly stopped, when their number has reached to 140!!! Not 2 and not 3, as in set of offered "Unified" Theories, but 140 (Universality of the Theory see).  The effects have striked me – 140 phenomena and properties of Material World are unified and submit to only two principles about Space and Matter! Here it Razor of Okkama in all beauty.

And if to make experiments? Soon I had been created the simple laboratory antigravitational kettle. And here this kettle could brake considerably for the observer the free fall of a blob from the dielectric material power only 50 W. Experiments have been executed some more. Indeed! The magnetic needle shows not there, where it is necessary! The Ampere's rule does not work!All under the Unified Theory (The Theory and experiments see).

Further in the site I will state in details (for your control over me) as I have come to opening of secret of Gravitation and have simultaneously constructed the Unified Theory (Principles). Certainly, the most interesting will be in the end, where I will state the application of the open essence of Gravity in our Earth and Space environment. However I will ask for all the attention from the very beginning, since this Secret is not simple to comprehend. After all the Secret has been hidden by Nature extremely wisely and therefore it remained Secret for all long centuries.


   I wish success to you 

Space properties - correction of concepts for the Unified Theory of Nature



Space, what you mysterious! 



Nature (Universe, World) exists in Space. To know the essence of Space is necessary for the creation of the Unified Theory of Nature. Nature is found in a multitude of physical phenomena arising from the essence of the Material Space, which is reflected in Space properties. Obviously, these properties are Matter, the life of natural material objects and systems, differences in the Material Space, movement in the Material Space, its boundaries, the geometric shape of the Material Space and its dimension. Let's get into the depths of these attributes.

Space and Life. Life is the basic property of substance in Material Space. Definition: Existence (life) is stability of a material object in wide (philosophical) sense of the word: ability to maintain itself. Vanishing, fracture – instability (The secret of occurrence of life see also).   

The given definition of Life is the prinsiple new and combines all in  Nature.

World is dissimilar. The fact: The Material Space, and hence the World are not the same. It is  not identical – is distinguished in different places. We will term this as 1st fundamental property of World. By that World is opposite not always, as they consider, and that is more narrow on sense. World is distinguished – unsymmetrical in different places of Space. It means dualism of World, but in new sense: the major – the smaller (not necessarily the small), there – not there (it is not obligatory here), inside – outside, upwards – downwards, upwards – sideway ....

The featured new property of World – the dissimilarity – is the fundamental and allows to uncover any secrets of  Nature that a reader will see further ("About wave dualism" see).

In Space all moves. (2nd fundamental property of  World). The proof of this property streams from the philosophical concept "stability" (see above) and 1st fundamental property of  World (see above).

 So, if in the small all is in equilibrium – is the stable – equally then in the major Space the equilibrium  – the stable state – the similarity  can already be upset  because of its dissimilarity. This violation will start to be levelled in the major. Then there is any violation in small which, in turn, will start to be levelled. But since such small it is a lot of in the major, then all of them together form violation of disbalance (similarity) in major spaces at the equalizations. As a result all moves in Space.

Important consequence. From 1st and 2nd of the fundamental properties of Universe follows that Life, i.e. the stability in the broad sense (see above) of any objects of Nature cannot be theperpetual ("eternal").

Space oscilation of movements. The dualism(see above) with reference to motion (see above) means a oscilation. Thus from 1st and 2nd properties streams that all in World Space in the natural bottom is necessary moves oscilatory.   

Perpetuity and extremity of  Space. Are there the boundaries for the Material Space? From duality (see above) it is streamed that the major is the small of the still greater. Hence, Material Space is the infinitly in breadth on a size. Similarly the small is the greater of the still smaller. But reduction of the small means rushing to the extreme small size – to the extremity so, Space  is terminating inside. The last is confirmed that is real, the minimum size in Space is equal to zero. This is the  interior closure of Universe.

Space is not spheric. From the perpetuity of Space in breadth: the consequence streams: Space is not spheric (since the sphere has the terminating module of a radius vector). Errors of those who confirms the sphericity of Space, are caused  by the psychology of a person. It is unconsciously convenient to a person to be into a sphere since its sight (so also the thought) is forced to circle because of aspiration to a minimum of energy (of operation) of an eye crystalline lens to accomodation. Many have got in this physiological trap, even the great: Pifagor, Aristotle, and as a matter of fact A.Einstein, A.Friedman... .

The sphericity arises only in the certain volumes of Space at occurrence of the dissimilarity of Space in a point and about it or of any field. So: an electron in ether (see belov); Earth with atmosphere and with Moon in ether; Moon in ether...). The essence of dialectics of the spherical (the curvilinear) with the rectilinear is in it.

Space is not empty. The fact: Space transmits the electromagnetic waves. The consequence: Space is not empty – the material. Used in the modern physics the concept «Space vacuum» is the false concept in the physical relation. Vacuum can take place only in the mathematical sense.

The Space matter – ether. We will term the filling Space matter, as ether on ancient tradition. Here the existence of ether will repeatedly prove to be true, including through presence at the material objects of Inertia. Ether existence was considered as the fact by the geniuses of a science: O.Frenel, M.Faradej, J.Maxwell, H.Lorents, J.Stokes, G.Gerts, L.Ejler, H.Gjujgens. But here in the subsequent articles will be given the essence distinct from offered earlier materials about essence and the major properties of ether. 

Thus, a deeper understanding of the main physical properties of the Material Space has been obtained. Can this idea allow further construction of the Unified Theory of Nature (see Working out of the Unified Theory)?




Fourth dimension is a physics error


Fourth dimension. How much they talk about him! These are the townsfolk, and science fiction writers, and physicists, and mathematicians! And how many miracles are expected from him! And how many desperate heads dream of building a Time Machine! The most interesting thing is that modern scientists report real success in mastering the fourth dimension (see, for example, Nature magazine). However an inevitable question arises. Why didn't any of the apologists of the fourth dimension show the way to create the Time Machine? Why have they not yet created the Unified Theory of Nature, which would be based on this fourth dimension?! After all, all such attempts are in vain! 

When proving a greater dimension of Space than the one we see, in our opinion, insufficiently convincing arguments are used: “And although we are not able to imagine how such a straight line passes, it is obvious that formally it could exist” ([2, p.168] see). There is a clear contradiction in the argument: “not able to imagine, but obvious.”

The modern physics could not be retained from the mathematical temptation of identification of the multidimensionality of the mathematical space with the regularity of the physical Space, in which effect, in our opinion, the series of the serious physical problems has pleasantly disappeared. This identification has occurred after G.Kantor's opening of the mathematical identity of a line and a surface that has led of physicists to the imperceptible identification of the mathematical and the physical concepts of a point. Physicists have gained that the fifth measuring of Kalutsa-Klejn degenerates in the sphere of the size 10- 32 cm. It is in many times less of an atom kern, therefore has removed the problems of the motion of a kern in the fifth measuring. The further use of the calibrating symmetries for the integrating of 4 fundamental interactions has led to 11 measurings that intolerable has complicated the scientific representation about Nature. 

All existing lives in 3 measurement Universe. However in the physicist, in our opinion, the mathematical proofs on the basis of the two-dimensional unphysical Spaces are unreasonably given. The mathematical analogy is not the sufficient warrant for the statement of the interior physical likeness. So, in the existing mathematical substantiation of process of Big Bang it is underlined that there is the ubiquitous expansion of Space without any centre. By thus the analogy to the swelling ball, which the surface segments leave mutually, is given, without having the direction neither from what, nor to what. However it is not noted that here the expansion of 2-dimensional space occurs because of expansion 3-dimensional of a point! From this it follows that and in Big Bang there should be the centre. But about it do not speak

Let's look at the fourth dimension. Let's use the second fundamental property of the World  (All moves see).  A consequence follows from it: the comparison of two movements close proceeding in Space or of standings of two close disposed the bodies demands only three space co-ordinates: Х, Y, Z. At comparison of the mutually remote or many movements the person had a psychological requirement for use of a reference (basic) motion, for example, the gyration of Earth. Here in mind of the person there is the fictitious co-ordinate of motion – "Time". Therefore speak:« I have transited 3 km for 1 hour ». But the true consists that I went and Earth moved also. I have transited 3 km, and Earth, for example, 3121 km. Any of 1 hour – any of Time! Simply the parametre of a motion "Time" is so the convenient and so at mankind the habitual, that began to play imperceptibly a role of the real co-ordinate of a motion.

To this guess and then to the inclining the author has come, having acquainted with P.Davis's book ([2, p. 77] see above) in which he speaks about the rather recently arisen concepts:«Field" and "Energy". "When the abstract concept appears so effective that becomes by the property of wide ranges of nonspecialists, then the distinction between the real and the speculative disappears».

Obviously such transmutation has occurred and with the concept "Time". But as the concept "Time" is used thousands years and now billions people used, but by the concepts: "Field" and "Energy" – though also numerous, but is the significant smaller group of people, then about that the «field» and the «energy» – the fictitious concepts, only experts occasionally remember, but about the fictitiousness of "Time" – never and nobody. Thus, the coordinates of Time are not. The fourth dimension is a physics error. There is no Space-time, but there is only the Space of 3 dimensions. It exists both in the macroWorld, and in the mesoWorld, and in the microWorld, which will be further shown and proven (see Development of the Unified Theory and Universality of Theory).

About that a co-ordinate of motion "Time" is not present objectively existing, it is confirmed long before Our Era. So Lukretsy Kar (1 century BC) in the book «About the nature of things» wrote: «Time exists not in itself.... It is impossible to understand time in itself, irrespective of a quiescence and a motion of bodies».

However this expression has been treated by A.Einstein from the mathematics positions* i.e. as the existence of the quantitative dependence of time from motion of bodies, consequently the co-ordinate "Time" exists objectively and that Time depends on travelling speed.

In our opinion, L.Kar has told the other. He has told, first, that "in itself", i.e. the objectively existing, Time is not present (but there is only as the subjectively existing), secondly − about the qualitative dependence of the subjective Time from a motion, i.e. the motion is, means, there is the subjective time (convenient for comparison of movements). It meant that it is necessary to speak about time only at transition from a quiescence in a state of a motion and in the presence of a motion. L.Kar has told that the objectively existing Time absolutely is not present, but A.Einstein treated that there is no the absolute Time (and there is the relative). The words are slightly rearranged, but how the meaning has changed !! 

About  there is no fourth dimension, that is, Time is not the real independent co-ordinate of a motion, it seems to us, told also N.I.Lobachevsky. He wrote [16, p. 74]: « of those movements is taken for comparison with others and it is termed time». (See the analogy with given above about the reference motion). 

A careful study of various movements  inevitably leads to the following. For comparison of movements it is necessary the concurrence of the beginning of   movements or of their extremity. Then the comparison of the movements proceeding in Space far apart, is impossible without use of a basic motion, i.e. without the fictitious co-ordinate "Time" to which it is possible to compare one motion, and the another. From here it was born already in the ancient time the false thought – as without time it is impossible to be bypassed, then all proceeds in Time. 

The concept"Time" is very convenient and very habitual, since in our life it is constantly necessary to compare numerous motions (in particular, and such physical performances of a motion, as the impulse of force N ∆t, momentum mv, the kinetic energy mv2/2). However if the fair attempt to make through into essence of Nature is done, it is necessary to know well that Time as a fourth dimension does not exist.

A.Einstein has made here, in our opinion, the basic error, having taken over the time as the co-ordinate, isotropic to the space co-ordinates: Х, Y, Z. Besides, he has made also the purely physical error, having used the mathematical analogy of Pifagor’s theorem in three-dimensional  physical space and his two-dimensional subspace for its extrapolation on G.Minkovsky's four-dimensional the mathematical space with the metric:

                                                                     dS2 = dX2 + dУ2 + dZ2 – C2dt,                          (1)

having termed thе mathematical space as the material.

T.Kalutsa and O.Klein have dilated the regularity of this "material" (so-called) spaces to 5 measurings, and the subsequent developers of theory of Material Space, using the concepts of symmetry and space calibration, have finished its dimensionality to 11 measurings, it have even more aggravated the situation in Nature knowledge and in the construction of the Unified Theory of Nature. 

It is necessary to score that the up-to-date researchers who are taking up the issue of a dynamic stability in Space, also come to the stable motion (i.e. the existence, see Space and Life) is possible only at three co-ordinates of Space, instead of the four and more ([2, p. 170] see above).

Thus, the real co-ordinates of bodies and movements – the linear co-ordinates: х, y, z. Hence, the tridimensional volume of Space is real. The fourth dimension is a physics error, but that they are speak: «All changes in time», says only that all is mutually comparably (commensurable).

From here, though it will be unpleasant for many, the rather important gnoseological consequence streams: all views of a motion, selected  by the up-to-date science in the special, it is possible to lead to one view of the motion – to the travel in space of three measurings, i.e. to the mechanical**.

This concept is confirmed by the fact that it allowed to reveal both the deep essence of Gravity (Gravity  - not attraction see) and Inertia (Essence of Inertia see) . She also made it possible to explain the mysterious   behaviour of a spin of an electron in the various requirements (Magnetic field and spin of particle,  Electron and its spin  see), the mysterious "right-hand rule" and the "left-hand rule" and many other things (Universality of the Theory see). 

From the gnoseological consequence with all evidence streams the solution of the old physical problem: «to turn time back». This problem is solved like this  – it is required infinite quantity of all mechanical movements (changes) in World Space to guide on co-ordinates: Х, Y, Z in return to the former motion the direction. It because of impossibility of the data acquisition on all in World Space motions is impossible and since it is impossible to create the control facilities [27] of these motions, of which to that also the infinite quantity. In it there is the solution so-called «the secret of a Time Machine». Apparently, this explanation radically differs from the explanation of "The secret of a Time Machine», given by A.Einstein when he says that it is impossible to turn time back, since it is impossible to move more promptly of light speed. 

Thus found that the fourth dimension is a physics error. This concept made it possible to create Unified Theory of Nature  and  to solve many physical problems that have not been solved before (Universality of the Theory see).



   * It is the example how the mathematics in a science has played the negative role.


   ** It is interesting, that exactly such representation has allowed to M.Faradeju and J. Maxwell to become the geniuses




Big Bang contradicts the Space properties

Almost all thinkers, including the up-to-date, in the build-ups of Unified Theory adhere to a Big Bang Theory. Аuthor of the developed Unified Theory cannot agree with them. Let us give reasons for this disagreement.



Fact - the Big Bang cannot be depicted


So, in the Big Bang Theory is considered the formation of galaxies has occurred during Big Bang, i.e. at the substance expansion that is paradoxical, since by that it is told the gravitational forces were formed during Big Bang.

The description of physics of Big Bang contains many of paradoxes and questions without answers (during Explosion, during the initial moments, after and before Explosion). So, in particular, in the Big Bang Theory the velocity of expansion of Universe prolongs to remain a riddle for the up-to-date science.

The mathematics, on which all bottoms of the  Big Bang Theory are constructed, is incapable to prove that Big Bang has occurred simultaneously with the identical force in all points and in all directions in Universe, that follows from the erected homogeneity and isotropy of Universe. To get out of this unsolvable situation it was accepted that as result of Big Bang together with substance Space was formed also.

The explanation of Big Bang by  the space inflation of vacuum (1980 of A.Gut) has not given the answer to the basic question:«Whence the energy for Big Bang has undertaken?» The attempt of the Big Bang Theory apologists to explain it by "the space bootstrap" with use the kvantum-mechanical foundations is full of assumptions, paradoxes, discrepancies. So was-whether Big Bang generally? 

In accordance with the Space properties, established above, the following can be asserted. As a motion proceeds in the infinite on extent Space (Perpetuity and extremity of  Space see), then in such Space there is no the absolute extremity of a motion, and in view of duality of the existing (Dualism of World see) is not present also an absolute start of motion. But since the concept "Time" inseparably linked with concepts "the motion beginning" and «its extremity» (see about comparison of movements) then is not present and the beginning of time of motion so (here "time" is used in the utilitarian sense  as a subjective time), there is no the beginning of formation of Universe.  Thus, the Big Bang contradicts the Space properties.

Accordingly the Big Bang Theory of A.Friedman [3] is false. Universe was not formed(as a result of Big Bang), but changed – moved. If to speak about Universe: «It was» then it indicates only that motions are consecutive. It is impossible to speak and so: «what is the original cause of Universe formation?», since the word «original» speaks about Universe beginning. But its beginning is no – World was always. It is necessary to speak: «Universe is infinite in motion».


Essence of space vacuum


Space vacuum

Space promises man both bright hopes and dangers (Unified Theory of Nature see). That is why a person should know about his innermost secrets. Let's try to look into the thinnest world of the Space - into its space vacuum. 

As Space is boundless in breadth (Space properties see) then in it the infinite number of the greater material volumes (The tridimensional volume of Space is real see), including in themselves the smaller ones. But since all existing is duality (Space and World see) there is the consequence: number of the lesser material volumes, entering in each the greater volume, is infinitely also. We will note that Material Space at the certain its medial density «ρ» in process of reduction of its particles increases their quantity so, reduces distances between them.

So, at the mental division on each of co-ordinates: X, Y, Z of each two particles (fig. 1) in mental space vacuum and their the arrangement between the rests, the distances (backlashes) L between them decrease more promptlythan the size(mass) of a particle decreases: м1 = 1; м2 = 0,5; but if L1 = 1, then L→ 0. At the certain level of the particle sizes the boundaries of the particles become the conditional, and then disappear. 

  Fig. 1. The plan of transition of the linear discrete space in the continuous. a – the scheme of the mental division of particles; δ - the initial sizes (the masses) of particles and the distance between them in the mental space vacuum; b – the sizes (the masses) after the division of particles and the distances between them; 1 – the boundary of the oozed volume in mental space vacuum.


It, taking into account given above the consequence, means only one: the space of the motionless particles – the discrete Space transfers in the continuous motionless Space smoothly and imperceptibly. It means also that the smallest particles of the mentally motionless  matter - ether ("Space properties" see above) are not in the taken over concept by the particles since have no any certain terminating size.

Thus, in a limit the matter does not disappear i.e. there is no an absolute space vacuum, but has the certain density. The concept about the infinite divisibility of a matter and that Space is not empty adhered French philosopher and mathematician R.Descartes (1596 … 1650), and also German philosopher, mathematician and physicist G.V.Lejbnits (1646 … 1716). It was termed as the standing about a continuum, but in 19 century has been rejected by the new atomism.

Here it is gained 1st unilateral – the interior mathematical closure of (the discrete material) Space on the continuous one (the 2nd see further in Space vortex changes). Here the proof is gained also that Material Space is continuous (space vacuum is not present in it). (1st proof see in Space is not empty, and also see further in Inertia as a property, 2nd consequence).

It becomes here too clearer – what is the space ether (The Space matter – ether see). It is the continuous (the 1st fundamental property of ether) Material Space together with the smallest conditional particles, which cannot be found out never. The last streams from that the resolution of our watch facilities always will be less, than these conditional particles, as our resorts always will be more in the sizes, since they will always form from the smaller particles. However the most smaller are the conditional particles of ether. About such impossibility it is spoke in the aphorisms of F.Bacon about Nature Interpretation [6 p. 13]. The continuity of the space ether is also confirmed by the straightforwardness of the propagation of electromagnetic waves in Space (see further  Consequence 2). Let's call this matter as maternal ether.

The steady structures of material Space. Fact: Material moving macroSpace transfers in microSpace really on the steady (Existence is stability of a material object see) structures: a galaxy, a star, a proton (an electron).   Hence, taking into account the above, it follows that the moving visible (i.e. the discrete) Space transfers in the moving invisible (i.e. the continuous one - the ether) really also on the steady stages. From the last streams: the minimum size of the possessing by motion "particleof ether (see above in second paragraph there is the consequence) will be the quite appointed, causing the definiteness of the sizes of the bigger and the smaller objects in the steady structures.




Ether and Relativity - elimination of dualismd

A. Einstein devoted his report on May 5, 1920 at the University of Leiden to ether (see Einstein: "Ether and Relativity"). In his report, striving for the unity of understanding of Nature, he, nevertheless, affirms dualism, that is, the existence of two substances: matter and ether. He calls the elementary particles of matter and the electromagnetic field two realities, completely separated from each other. He calls them Space and Matter. Einstein admits the existence of the ether, but says that the idea of motion is not applicable to the ether. At the same time, he talks about his dream - understanding the gravitational field and the electromagnetic field as one single structure (see above Report). This representation of A. Einstein is still preserved in modern physics.
Further it will be shown that such unity is possible on the basis of the disclosure of the deep essence of the ether. However, it turns out that the unification of these fields will require a significant adjustment of the very concepts of the electromagnetic and gravitational fields (Gravity - not an attraction, New concept of electromagnetic waves see below).
Part of the deep essence of the ether is disclosed above (see Essence of space vacuum). This is done on the basis of the concepts of Material Space established here (see Correction of Concepts). As a result, it is proved that the ether and the material Space have no differences. They have a deep unity. The most appropriate name for this single space substance is taken "Maternal ether". Let's try to penetrate deeper into the essence of the Space Ether and reveal its properties.


 Эйнштейн, Альберт — Википедия

                                            J.Maxwell and A.Einstein trusted in an space ether

The space ether microvibration. From In Space all moves and Space oscilation follows that space ether possesses a motion, and this motion should be oscillating. From 3-regularity of Universe (Space and Time see) streams the oscillation of it can be only the unique: the density magnification – the density reduction. It within any viewed volume of  space ether is the squeezing – expansion, but for the microvolumes concerning of boundless  ether means:  space ether possesses the microvibration (2nd fundamental property of space ether - maternal ether, 1st property see in What is space vacuum). The erected undular magnification of density of  ether in microvolumes (the thickening) means also the transient formation of the conditional (The maternal ether see) microparticles at the expense of reduction of density of  space ether about these temporarily shaping conditional particles (of quasi-particles). That is  space ether has no the continuity disruptures – of vacuum, but there are the small auto-oscillations of density of  the ether, whence follows: the ether (maternal ether) – is not  gas and not  fluid.

It also follows from the above that when considering the motions of the ether in volumes larger than the indicated extremely small microvolumes, the density of the ether is the number of the smallest particles of the maternal ether (quasi-particles) together with the neighboring interparticle maternal ether. Obviously, this density cannot be measured. It is possible to determine only the comparative density of the ether - by the number of quasiparticles without the neighboring ether. In this case, the comparative density is calculated by the pressure of the ether exerted by these vibrating particles and by the viscosity of the ether (see below) at different speeds of its movement.

The space ether fluxionFrom indicated 2nd fundamental property of  space ether – the microvibration and 2nd fundamental property of Material Space (World is not identical see) – it’s the unequality streams 1st consequence: the unequality of density ρ of  ether in the next volumes of Space leads to occurrence of the motion of space ether – of the fluxion  (3rd property of  ether), levelling its densities. Among themselvesthe exchange of the microvolumes by motion – the expansion on squeezing and on the contrary – is the microoverflow (i.e. by the fluxion also).

The property of  space ether – the fluxion streams from following microprocesses. The exchange of microvolumes of  the ether by motion – the expansion and the squeezing  more often occurs there where these vibrating microvolumes are disposed in Space  more close to each other, i.e. there where  ether is more dense. This more dense field on the boundary with the less dense will be dilated because the return of micromotion of the microvolumes of the expansion – squeezing  of  ether from the side of the less dense field occurs more slowly, than from the side of the more dense one, i.e. retards. As result the front of the more dense zone consistently behind everyone microoscillations moves in the less dense zone, and the subsequent to front the more dense zone moves in one – the preferred direction – it  flows.

The featured equalization of density of space ether in the greater volume of Space (the macrofluxion) obviously occurs with the simultaneous (the cophased) local fluxions – equalizations of the local unequalities  the ether densities.

From the given follows the indicated fluxions are the bottom of existence of motion itself ("In Space all moves") in any places of Universe (of any objects of Universe, systems and their parts). It is obvious also that fluxion of space ether is the bottom of the property of all objects of Universe – self-equalization and, hence, by the cause of the known aspiration of all objects to an energy minimum. Real presence in Nature of three indicated properties (the fluxion, the self-equalization, the aspiration to an energy minimum) reliably confirms their physical origin – the  space ether vibration.

The space ether viscosity. From 2nd property of  space ether – vibration and 3rd properties – fluxion the 2 consequence streams:  the ether will be at the motion – fluxion to display the viscosity. It is 4th rather important property of space ether. The viscosity of the ether on the essence differs from the thermodynamic concept of viscosity of gases and fluids since the ether "particles" it is the quasi-particles (see above 1st paragraph). From  space ether to a body (Тhe chemical bond see) is transmitted not the push from the forward or/and rotary movement of a particle as it occurs in the thermodynamic systems, but the motion – the expansionof a microvolume of  space ether. And the ether macrofluxion is more prompt or more its density, the most part of the micromotion – the expansion is transmitted to the object "surface" about which the  ether flows, for example, to one of microvortexes (see further) from which the body consists. The possession of space ether by the property of viscosity is confirmed by the presence of Gravity in bodies ("Gravity - not an attraction" see above).

The space ether elasticity. Themselves microoscillations of density of each of  the ether microvolumes generate (more precisely, mean) its elasticity. That is the space ether is elastic. It is the 5th property of space ether, which is the bottom of the oscilation of  World ("Space ascilation" see). Elasticity of  space ether is confirmed by presence of Inertia at bodies (The essence of Inertia see), and also by the ability of ether to transmit the elastic waves (known, as the electromagnetic waves. see above) at is the property of the elastic mediums.

Consequence 1. It follows from the established properties of the ether that the ether is neither a gas nor a liquid.

Consequence 2. From space ether continuity (1st property) and its elasticity (5th property) streams the elastic squeezed zone (a wave) of  space ether  is spread on the ether rectilinearly.

Thus, the dualism in the understanding of Nature is eliminated. The properties of the space ether, including the property of motion, have been established.









What is Gravity - unraveling the mystery

Gravity, your power is amazing!

What is Gravity - the most interesting secret. Let's try to reveal it on the basis of the properties of Space and ether (see above). Let's start with a force.

A force. The definition: Force is the property of the material objects (mediums) to affect against each other at cross of their movements. By that the motion with the greater stability is changed less, but with the smaller stability is changed more. If the intercrossed motions are close on degree of stability, then at the greater degrees of stability of these movements arise the oscillations of these 2 movements. At the smaller degree of stability there is a new motion instead of were two or both disappear, recovering maternal ether (Ether properties see) The force as the quantity of the indicated influence is the sum of the elementary shocks of particles(for ether – of the quasi-particles, "Ether properties" see above), i.e. it is the sum of quantities of movements mivi on the certain area in the phase of the cross of movements of objects. The pressure this is same, but on the area equal to unity.  

Essence of Gravity. The definition of Gravity in modern science is unsatisfactory. This can be seen directly from all existing definitions of concepts: Gravity and Attraction. Each of these two concepts is expressed back through the other, but each of them is not known separately. So how can you find the essence of Gravity, if not even its phenomenological definition ?! Let us give this definition. The Gravity as the phenomenon is the continuous unilateral force action on all bodies and their parts. But now we will proceed to the disclosure of the essence of Gravity on the basis of the properties of ether and Space established above.  

From unequality of ethereous Space (World is dissimilar see) the consequence streams: in one places ether is squeezed in a greater degree, in others in the smaller. There, where in the greater, the clots (microparticles, bodies) are formed. Ones clots are the greater, others are the smaller. The greaterclots were formed in the greater volumes, including the smaller clots also, formed because of unequalities ("Spase - with what to begin" see above) inside of the greater volume. Then squeezing of the greater volume of the material Space concerning the smaller volume of a clot – a body, which are inside the greater, is fluxion of the greater volume of Material Space (of ether) through the smaller volume-clot – a body: through Earth to Sun, to Earth and to Sun through a person. Through the smaller bodies – to the greater (including through an electron to a proton) and through the greater to making it the smallers (through Earth to protons).

But the fluxion of one medium through another is a filtration. And as the filtration of the viscous medium ("Ether properties" see above) creates filtration pressure, then this pressure is the Gravity. From the synphase (simultaneity, see Guess of Paul Davis and "Ether properties" see above)  of squeezing of ether in the great volume and in the smalls, entering in it, streams that the bodies and particles are subordinated to Gravity, being inthe macrocompression zone. But since the filtering "particles" of the ether are extremelysmall (see Ether microvibration), they possess an all-penetrating ability (even through an electron to the proton - local gravity). It follows that all the material (the all filters) are subject to Gravitation, except for the ether itself (which filters through these filters).

The secrets of Gravity revealed here has already made it possible to develop a way to protect the Earth's population from volcanic eruptions and other cataclysms.(see Cyclone, tornado, eruption - rescue).

Consequence 1. Gravity is not everywhere in Universe and not always, but only there and then, where and when the phase of squeezing of ether proceeds. That is so-called Universal Gravity is not the universal. Accordingly, Gravity can be local.

Consequence 2. The known centripetal force between Earth and Sun, an electron (not the free) and an atom kern, Moon and Earth is not the attraction of these bodies, but the unilateral filtration pressure of ether (see section A force above)  on the material objects: Earth, Moon, an electron accordingly.

Consequence 3. And revertively – If you move a body in ether then in the body (similarly featured above) there will be also the filtration pressure, i.e. the Gravity. However, it will be significantly different from that described. This Gravity guided towards to the motion of the body, namely, by the way of the filtration. This is  – the return Gravity. Accordingly the ether will deviate from the former direction by the filtration pressure of the body on the ether. By this the more mass of the body and its velocity, the more of ether deviates from its former fluxion – becomes less  the weight of those bodies which were in the former flow of ether.

Consequence 4.From the consequence 3 streams that the body motion on Inertia (see further Essence of Inertia) will lead to its stopping(!) because of inhibiting action by the gravitational filtration of ether towards to the body motion. However this inhibiting action will be appreciable to us only at rather high speeds of motion of a body, the commensurable with the travelling speeds of maternal ether about Earth (Speeds of movement in Universe see). However I.Newton's first law - law of Inertia is observed not always (more precisely – it is true only in our Earth operational use).

The secret of occurrence of life. Life ("Space - with what to begin" see above), i.e. the stability of an object, only then is , when there is the ether squeezing, that causes Gravity ("Consequence 1" see above). Namely then the stable linkings are possible, including the live organisms. Squeezing has generated the stability. 



Another reason for the redshift


Existing explanation of the Red Shift, in our opinion, is not convincing enough. So, if the cause of the Red Shift is the removal of galaxies from Earth on the radius R1, then it should be the removal of same galaxies across the direction R1, (i.e. orthogonally to R1) also. Whence follows that for the earth dwellers should be the angular scattering of these galaxies also. And, if the more close to Earth are any two viewed galaxies, then the angular scattering it should be more appreciable. This scattering is not revealed. It is revealed same, as well as on radius R1 the running away, but only on the second radius R2, orthogonal to the first Zones of ether without Gravity  see also).

Another reason for Red Shift. Integration of particles, bodies occurs also at the expense of entrainment by ether of small particles (bodies) at an ether motion to larger bodies (Essence of Gravity see). It is the one of 2 phases of the endless oscillations in Universe (Oscillating movements see): enlargement of particles (bodies, systems of bodies) – decrease. Quantity of particles (bodies) at the enlargement decreases.


         Fig. 2. Scheme of the appearance of the of the Red Shift: L2 » L1. A - an observable galaxy; 
Б - its kern; C - solar system: L - distance to a galaxy; a - the initial moment of time;
δ - the subsequent moment of time. 

It occurs at all levels of particles, bodies. Then (see "The plan of transition Spase Fig.1") the enlargement is the magnification of distances between the particles. The last generates the outer effect – the apparent retraction of particles, bodies, galaxies. It is the most appreciable to us on galaxies (fig. 2), which was discovered by E.Habbl.



Galaxies - the reason for their formation is not Gravity

To fly to other Galaxies, it is necessary to know their origin and essence deeply. Using the material, stated above, we will try to open the mechanism of formation of Galaxies.  

                                                               Mysterious galaxies 


Formation of galaxies and stars. As the ether thickening  is the fluxion, converging in the zone with smaller ρ (Essence of ether see), then in the initial phase of motion of ether to the place with the smaller density ρ from the all directions of the tridimensional Space: Х, Y, Z the motion (fluxion) can be close to the spherically symmetric. If not from the all, then  at once it is asymmetrical (How generate double stars? see).

However further because of presence of dissimilarity  of Universe  (Space is not identical see) in the converging fluxion the motion from one of directions inevitably appears at least slightly the more intensively (or slightly the more feeblly). It upsets at once the spherical symmetry of the fluxion. There is the asymmetrical (i.e. not in one point) motion of jets of ether. As a result the straightness of the fluxion is inevitably upset – in one of the planes of the indicated direction the gyration of the converging zone of the space ether begins.The specified gyration, obviously, can be both right, and left.

It leads to that the in-leak of the actively moving ether into the gyration plane from different directions is increased, and with the orthogonal to the indicated plane is retarded. It is formed the flat converging active rotary movement of ether – the jet spiral vortex (fig. 3). In the great volume of Space this vortex – a galaxy, in the smaller – a star.




Fig. 3. The shape of a galaxy


It is obvious that each of the current jets - "sleeves" of the vortex (galaxy, star) for the same reason (the dissimilarity) gets also the gyration round own longitudinal axis (the vortex becomes torus). This cross motion will be not such active, as the longitudinal, since the difference ρ on jet front will be essential less, than the difference ρ between the interior zone of a vortex and the circumferential, that is the bottom of formation of the vortex (galaxy, star). The transverse movement relative to the longitudinal can also be either right or left.

Presence of the cross gyration of jets in the vortex obviously generates at the expense of viscosity of ether the additional – the transit flow of ether in the very central region of the vortex. This space ether will be "ingested" by the vortex on the one side of the vortex plane and to flow out with the another (the "magnetic field" of the macrovortex – galaxy, of the mesovortex – star).

Thus, the progress (fluxion) of the maternal ether and also the saved up motion – the gyration  of galaxies (of stars) was formed of the former undular motion – the vibration of the maternal ether i.e. motion is maintained. 

Аggregations of stars. At close to the identical velocity ether motion ve in the macrozone with lowered ρ from the different sides the macrovortex - galaxy can not be formed. It will be more probable for the interior zones of macromovements (i.e. local macromotions) with a small difference ρ behind this zone and in it. This small difference at the wide front of motion of ether will lead to that the isolated (the directed in this zone with smaller ρ) jets are not formed – the jet macrovortex - galaxy is not formed also. Besides, the small ∆ ρ in this motion gives also the small velocity of the subsequent meeting – the small perturbation for escaping of the equilibrium of the existing direct motion in the field with small ρ. The motion in the indicated local macrozone with the lowered ρ by that, due to the presence of ∆ρ in the transverse direction, will break up to the mesomotions – the mesovortexes (stars). It is formed the scattered aggregation of stars transmuted by the gradually disappearing rectilinear local motion of ether in the concentrated aggregation – the compact aggregation of stars.

Consequence 1. From the given streams that the rectilinear motion is instable, but the vortex motion – the stable, since the vortex is the construction from ether, firstly, closed on itself and, secondly, having minimum of dissimilarities ("Space is not identical" see above). But the direct motion is the motion at the presence of dissimilarities, which are by the bottom of instability of the motion. Accordingly, the circumstellar planets will be in a stable ethereal vortex of the star and stable ethereal vortexes will flow into them, just like into the star. Movements with intermediate values of the curvature of the ether jets are movements with intermediate values of stability from maximum stability at maximum curvature to minimum stability at a radius of curvature equal to infinity (for a straight line).

Consequence 2. The cause of formation of  galaxies and  stars is not Gravity (Essence of Gravity see).


The universe is closed not according to A. Einstein


In Universe there are bands without Gravity


What is the Universe? Everywhere-whether in the Universe there is a Gravity? (Unsolved secrets of the Universe see)

Above (Essence of Gravity see) we have erected what is Gravity. From "Properties of Space" follows that Universe is endless. We will designate the macrozones in Universe, where ether is in the squeezing phase (Gravity is not everywhere see), i.e. where are aggregations of galaxies, through "C".

Accordingly, the zones in Universe, where there is no Gravity, i.e. where is the phase of expansion of ether (setting in here after the phase of squeezing) – the space between the aggregations of galaxies, through «Р».

Obviously, the zone of expansion of ether (the followed in the viewed place behind the squeezing phase) takes in many time greater volume, than the ether compression zone. Then the mathematical (geometrical) their integrating: C ∩ Р will lead to unique effect. The effect is the volumetric-periodic structure of Universe. Besides, the dilated zone (the band whithout Gravity) in addition  approaches galaxies to each other in their aggregations.  

Thus the Universe is a structura "honeycombs". By that the gravitating aggregations of galaxies will be in the bafflers of the "honeycombs", and between the bafflers – the dilated ether without Gravity.

It is the exterior closure of the infinite Universe (the interior see in What is space vacuum  - only the Unified Theory of Nature could answer this and Space vortex changes) on one the terminating wrongly periodically iterated structure. That is essentially differs from A.Einstein's geometrical closure with the warpage of the abstract nonexistent space. Further (in more vast scale) behind this structure obviously works Universe Bruno's  principle of homogeneity.  Thus, Universe is endless and simultaneously closed!   

Into meshes of "honeycombs" is not the rarefaction. Here the general density ρ gen  much more, than medial density of a baffler ρ med. Therefore motion (the ether fluxion) goes from a mesh to a baffler. Just therefore the bafflers were formed (and their existence is a fact, see Cellular Structure of the Universe). In the baffler are their own  equalizations of density ρ  of ether. These are ether fluxions to the centres of galaxies and stars and from the centres of galaxies and stars. The first lead to origination of Gravity in Universe, the second mean explosions of galaxies and stars in Universe. But the interior (in the baffler) galactic equalizations have the continuance of Tg << the continuance of  Tm of the meshes of the "honeycombs". These honeycomb oscillations are slow because of lack in the honeycombs of jets, since here ∆ρ is small.

Then  ρ med , i.e. density in the baffler, is increased above, than it was necessary for the equalization of ρ  between the mesh and the baffler. It originates at the expense of Inertia of galaxies and starsThere are reverse currents of the maternal ether. By that in Universe the bafflers start to be transmuted into the meshes.

That is in Universe in the zone of the mesh and the baffler density changes in an opposite phase from the reduction to the magnification and on the contrary.  That gives the continuous oscillations of "honeycombs". By that it is originated now one, now another. Accordingly, in each macrozone of Universe originated now Inertia, now Gravity.The sizes, the shape and the places of the meshes and the bafflers in Universe change continuously.

That's what the Universe is, that's how it combines Gravity and Inertia.


Types of galaxies do not exist

Spiral, elliptic and spherical galaxies



In the previous paper we have erected, that ether fluxion leads to formation of a space vortex. But where ether flows at a space vortex centre? 

Space vortex changes. If ether inflows into the centre and at once streams from centre, then it is the continuous process. That cannot be true,since according to the Unified Theory all in Universe is the oscillating (All fluctuates see). The last means, that in the central part of a space vortex there is one of two phases – the consolidation phase (Density magnification see). As the jets in this central part rotate longwise (and cross, see Longitudinal axis), then the consolidation goes by "winding" of the ethereous jets about the central zone of the space vortex. The subsequent phase in this zone will be the phase of expansion.

In the middle of the space vortex there is just the "winding", since at once in the beginning of formation of a space vortex the forefront of one jet of the viscous ether (Ether viscosity see) is dragged by the lateral zone of the same second  jet, and the forefront of the second – by the  lateral zone of the first jet (fig. 4). 


Fig. 4. The gear of occurrence of the "winding" of ether in a space vortex:

 a –  the moment of beginning of the "winding"; δ - the "winding".


At the gyration of the spiral space vortex the jets of the actively flowing ether "are reeled" on it (since the motion is in the zone with the lowered density ρ). For the greater space vortex – together with the particles, the bodies (Filtration pressure see), pierced (1st fundamental property of ether see) by this fluxion to the indicated greater space vortex. As a result the space vortex is condensed as the thickening and grows. By that the cross gyration, what was in the converging jets of the space vortex, is prolonged here in the condensed zone – in the kern of the rotating torus.

It is the real closure of the motion "squeezing" of ether – the 2nd interior closure of Universe. (About the exterior closure see Infinite Universe), and about the 1st interior – in Interior mathematical closure).

Formation of types  of galaxies. Pressure of ether from two directions, orthogonal to the plane of the formed spiral space vortex (galaxy), from the moment of its occurrence accordingly becomes less, than in the plane of the vortex and further in the process of space vortex development this difference grows. Therefore the central condensed zone of the space vortex (spiral galaxy) is extruded by the external pressure of ether in the space vortex plane to the two sides on axis of its gyration. The initial shape of this zone will obviously take the form of an ellipsoid (elliptic galaxy), which the smaller axis coincides with the axis of the spiral space vortex.

Further, in process of the active "winding" of the flat part of the space vortex on the condensed zone, the flat part decreases, and the condensed zone is increased. The growing exterior (in the plane of the space vortex) pressure at the decreasing axis pressure all more and more extrudes of this zone to the sides from the gyration plane. The  ellipsoid becomes all less extended, coming nearer to a ball (spherical galaxy). The difference of densities of ether in macroSpace (which was the initial cause of the motion) by that decreases. Then the ratatory speed of the macrovortex (galaxy) in process of the transformation from the spiral shape in the globe decreases. Accordingly the steepness of inlet of the jets in the central condensed zone of the space vortex (galaxy) is increased. 

Thus, for the first time erected, how the changes of the ether space vortex result to occurrence of the various types of galaxies. In addition it is installed, that the known types of galaxies are not the types , but the phases of their state. Each galaxy - the macro-vortex of ether - goes through a cycle of successive transformations of the macro-vortex, that has arisen in the given region of Universe. 





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