Universality of the Theory

The Unified Theory eliminates wave-particle duality and the paradox of the planet
Substance - only the Unified Theory of Nature explains its distribution in the Universe
Antimatter - why doesn’t it form autonomously?
Uncertainty - what secret is hidden in it?
Barrier effect against Quantum Physics
Electric charge is the cross rotation of ether in the toroidal microvortex
Magnetic monopole contradicts the essence of the magnetic field
Relativistic mass is due to return Gravity
Electric charges - the underlying mechanism of their interaction
No one knows what an electric field is
Ampere's law does not work
Black hole – the ether vortex
Fundamental forces united
Flight in Space is impracticable on the basis of the light pressure conception
Quantum numbers and the new in theirs essence
Types of galaxies and their secrets
Galaxies and their gyration
Galaxies, their shape and "mass"
Big Bang - galaxies in clusters and outside clusters
Globe galaxies, their luminosity and activity, new stars, gas
Energy and liberation of energy
Cosmic Microwave Background is created by protons and electrons of Universe
Potential energy, motion, light - three secrets of physics
Red shift - its secrets
Right-hand rule. What secret is hidden in it?
What is Gravitation, N.Maskelin's experience
Neutrino is not a particle
Galaxy shapes - the reason for their curvature
Stars in galaxies, their allocation, velocities and brightness
James Jeans and main defect his Theory of Gravitational Instability
Gas and dust in galaxies
Red Giants and White Dwarfs - the new
Blue and red stars in the scattered and globe aggregations
Why stars leave of globe aggregations?
Stars in galaxy - riddle of their location
Secret of oscillations of globe aggregations of stars
Allocation of the scattered and the globe aggregations of stars in a spiral galaxy
Spiral galaxy have two sleeves and the galaxy in Hound Dogs
Neutron star - how did it originate
Why structure of Universe is cellular
Unknown vices of the famous Theory of Relativity
The curvature of Space is an error
Gravitation is not ubiquitous, its velocity and act on light
Elementary particles, do not confuse us!
A.Michelson experient, the news
Light waves, who is right - Frenel or Laplas?
Double star, how it generate?
Solar system, rotation of the sun and planets
Magnetic field and spin of particle
Electron and its spin
Dark matter - revealing its secrets
Star formation and Big Bang
The old stars in galactic centre, exhaust of substance, concentration of masses
Big Bang and ultrarays
Electromagnetic field, Universe and unified theories
Lunar tides - why I.Njuton's theory does not coincide with a reality?
Symmetry in physics - not an universal basis of Material World
A proton and secrets of his life
Proton, electron and the universal Unified Theory
Electron-positron collision under the Unified Theory
Deuterium and its secrets
Protons, ultrarays and gamma-splashs
Galaxy, star and proton - why three?
Planet formation under the Unified Theory of Nature
Solar system and the secrets of its planets
Shape of Earth, shape of Moon and Merсury perihelion
Earth's magnetic field
Nucleon structure
How the Special Theory of Relativity was mistaken?
Superconductivity without a quantum mechanics
Secret of Coriolis force
Magnetic field of Moon is solved
Sun magnetic field and Unified Theory of Nature
Сrab nebula and supernova explosions
Birth of the star MWC 758
Solar sail – illusion
Solar activity - Unified Theory
World Creation, Uncertainty and the Unified Theory of Nature
Big Bang, the Unified Theory and Symmetry
Nuclear Interaction and the Unified Theory
Uncertainty principle and its defects
Nuclear Interaction and Theoretical Physics
How do Gravity and Inertia shape the structure of the Universe?
Neutron - why is its mass greater than the mass of a proton?
Information concepts and their shortcomings
Northern Lights - the solution to its secrets and the secrets of the Earth’s magnetic poles
What is Life and reproduction of life - Unified Theory of Nature answers
Ether-vortex nature of a nuclear explosion
Why are there fewer protons than neutrons in the nucleus of an atom?
The riddle of protons and neutrons
Neutron star and a new explanation for the pulsar
Space ether - happiness – power
Space probe acceleration anomalies
Why the material Space is either quadratic or exponential
What is the Unified Theory
Gravitational field does not exist
How to Find the True Unified Theory
Why has modern physics still not created a Unified Theory?
What gave the discovery of the essence of Gravity



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