Working out of the Unified Theory

Basic concepts of the Unified Theory of Nature

Below are the main concepts of the developed Unified Theory. 

1. The World Space (the Universe) has no boundaries, has only three dimensions and is not the same at different points. 

2. Universe consists of spase ether, which exists in two forms: maternal and vortex.




3. Time as a coordinate of motion in the Universe does not exist. 

4. Maternal spase ether is an ultra-low-density density-differential continuous volume-vibrating visco-elastic material medium of the Universe, with oscillatory equalization of its local densities, its forward and vortex movements are formed. 

5. Vortex spase ether is a rotating etheric torus with a longitudinal and transverse flow of ether, which has the stability of existence. The etheric vortices of the Universe continuously accumulate and throw off ether. 

6. The Universe in its various places is in continuous fluctuations: the compression of the ether - expansion.  

7. The body is a system of interconnected microvortices of ether. 

8. Gravity is the filtration of a viscous ether through a material body.  

9. Inertia is the elastic deformation of a vortex spase ether. 

10. Mass is a vortex of ether.  

11. A charge is a transverse rotation in a torus vortex of ether.    

12. Spin - longitudinal rotation of the vortex. 

13. The magnetic field is the transit stream of spase ether inside the vortices. 

14.  Proton, neutron and electron - ether microvortices, star - mesovortex, galaxy - macrovortex.

15.  Nuclear interaction is the mutual clutch of microvortices.   

16. Electromagnetic waves - the spread in the Universe of a compressed region of the maternal spase ether.   

17. The basis of all the forces in the Universe is Gravity and Inertia. 

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