Prevention of the catastrophes

How to control gravity – search of new trajectories


In papers: “Gravity is not an attractin” and ”Magnet, Gravity and Inertia" is featured the nature of gravitational and magnetic interacting of bodies detected by the author. Comparison of these two phenomena has shown the deep organic likeness of Gravity and magnetic field activity. This likeness consists that a general bottom of these interactings is the motion of ether through a body. By that and Gravitaty, and a magnetic attraction originate for the viscous friction account. It is the friction between the ether, proceeding through a body, and ether microvortexes. The microvortexes are a structural bottom of solid bodies, fluids and gases (The Cause of the Chemical Bond - Inertia and Gravity see). 

The detected likeness is mustered observationally (look « Magnetic field, a charge and electron spin - exclusive experiments ». The experiments on the installation, specially designed for this purpose, have confirmed deep-seated likeness of Gravity to magnetic field activity. unique possibilities of how to control Gravity obtained. These possibilities are implemented by author in the constructions of antigravitational kettles (look Prevention of the catastrophes). The developed kettles allow to solve many, not solved till now, global problems (look Main page). The effective trajectories of the further improvement of these kettles are found also (look on Main page point 18). 

However, all ­- whether, streaming from the Unified Theory, the trajectories of rise of management efficiency by Gravity are used? Unified Theory of Nature shows, that not all («Working out of the Unified Theory» look). We will begin with the analysis of interacting of ether and a magnet

The experiments, mentioned above, have confirmed the magnetic field activity as the gravitational. At the same time, obviously, here not all secrets of activity of a magnetic field are uncovered. There was the puzzle. Here it. Why the ether streams of a magnet, proceeding through a body (look the experiments), do not create such major gravitational pressure, as the maternal ether, proceeding through the same body to Earth (look Gravity is not an attraction)? Having solved this puzzle, it is possible to significantly improve  designing of antigravitational kettles. 

From the Unified Theory follows (look What is a magnetic field and a charge?), that these magnetic streams are in the form of cylindrical spirals. The stream is twirled about the longitudinal axis rather promptly as its velocity is close to the velocity of gyration of a microvortex (look Velocity of a current of ether in a Neutron star and Velocity of a meteor in Explosions of Galactics and stars). However because of cylindrical helicity of the shape of the ether stream in a magnet here originates the worm mechanical transmission (look about a mechanical motion in Time and Time machine). The magnetic stream moves along a cylinder axis in comparison with specified above the cross speed of a torus microvortex much more slowly

Besides the theoretically rigid worm pumping-over of a magnetic stream of ether (1st factor), it is transferred also for the account of passing traversal gyration of streams of the тоrus microvortex (look What is a magnetic field and a charge?). However from torus geometry it is known that a torus thickness always it is essential less size then the torus diameter (2nd factor). Then the longitudinal linear advance of the magnetic stream for the account of traversal gyration in the torus microvortex will be essential to lose the linear travel of peripheral points on the stream surface at its rotational displacement. As a result the mentioned longitudinal worm pumping of a magnetic stream will be slower, in comparison with its lateral motion. 

In addition to specified at the pumping-over of the ether stream by the microvortex magnetic pump the viscous slip (3rd factor) of ether in the place of contact of the magnetic ether stream with the ether microvortex (look Properties of ether) arises. Therefore the velocity of a longitudinal motion of this stream will be in addition even more lowered. 

From the Unified Theory it is known that velocity of a longitudinal motion in a microvortex is equal to velocity of fluxion of ether to Earth (look Vortex formation  and about a microvortex in “What is a magnetic field and a charge" see above). The specified velocity of fluxion of ether to Earth causes Gravity of Earth. The velocity of fluxion of the ether stream in a magnet causes the local magnetic Gravity (look above “Magnet, Gravity and Inertia”). Then because of agency of three specified above factors, as well as the relative sparseness of the magnetic ether streams, the magnetic filtrational pressure of ether on a body (local Gravity) will be essential less than the filtrational pressure of the ether, moving to Earth, on the same body (Gravity of Earth). 

It is the answer to the brought attention to the question above: why the ether streams of a magnet, proceeding through a body, do not create such major gravitational pressure, as the maternal ether, leaking to Earth. New trajectories of gravity control stream from the erected mechanism of interacting of a magnet and ether.  

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