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Propulsion system for space flight – maternal ether transformer


The article The spacecraft Umbrella describes the basics of the spacecraft.  Let's consider it in more detail. The propulsion system of the spacecraft is a source of energy and a spiral transformer of the maternal ether. The source of energy for deep Space flights is described in the article How to get energy in Space – gravitational generator.

Here we consider the spiral transformer of the space ether and the essence of the processes occurring in it. Obviously (Gravity Control see) these processes are due to the properties of the space ether.

The Unified Theory established that perturbations in the ether propagate at the speed of light "C" (Nature of the light speed see). It has also been established that, when a conductor is connected to an electric circuit, ethereal microvortices - electrons rotate (Ampere's law does not work see). Then, when the spiral of the Umbrella Spacecraft is connected to the electric circuit, the inclusion of microvortices in a turn propagates along a spiral conductor at a speed of "C" and leads to an almost instantaneous polarization of microvortices in the spiral. In phase with this rotation, the laminar flow of the maternal ether also turns almost instantly above the spiral from the vertical through the spacecraft to the side above the upper surface of the apparatus ("Spacecraft Umbrella" see). The rotation of this ether flow has the following physical meaning. The filtering (gravitational) pressure of the ether disappeared through all the material objects that are located below this transverse ether flow (What is Gravitation see). This also means that the gravitational pressure also disappears on the upper solid surface of the spacecraft. In addition, the pressure of the ether, which changes the direction of the flow, does not arise also because the maternal ether does not have Inertia (Essence of Inertia see).

On the surface of the Umbrella apparatus, a layer of ether of constant thickness elongated along each radius of the Umbrella arises. This layer moves laminarly across the main vertical flow of ether. In this case, the speed of its movement is equal to the former cosmic velocity of the vertical flow. The specified speed does not change along the radius of the Umbrella too. Preservation of a constant thickness and speed of the layer movement is ensured by the Inertia of microvortices - electrons (see "Essence of Inertia") of the spiral of the spacecraft. These microvortices, having viscous contact with the layer flowing to the edge of the Umbrella, brake  this layer as the vertical inflow along the radius of the Umbrella increases. In addition, as they move towards the edge of the Umbrella, they increase the frequency of wave discharges of the ether, winding around them (Dependence of microvortexes see).

In addition to the described processes, when the spiral is connected to an electric circuit, a pressure wave arises in the indicated layer above the rotating electrons of the spiral. The appearance of the wave is due to the property of the elasticity of the ether (Properties of the space ether see). The value of the pressure depends on the speed of switching of the spiral, in particular, on its inductance. Immediately following the occurrence of a pressure wave, frequent wave discharges of the indicated microvortices (see above) lead to an increase in the pressure in the layer. Obviously, these discharges are ultrashort-wave radiation. This radiation will have a significantly greater intensity compared to the background radiation existing in the Cosmos (Cosmic Microwave Background is created by protons and  electrons of Universesee)

The thickness of this layer will be dictated by the  the size of the electrons and viscosity of the ether (see "Properties of the space ether") between the rotating microvortices - the electrons of the spiral of the Umbrella. Since the rotational motion of an electron occurs within its size, the thickness of this layer will be practically equal to the size of an electron (see the analogy with the formation of an electron near a proton in a Neutron Star).

Thus, a description of the deep essence of the processes occurring in the spiral of the Umbrella spacecraft and around the spiral is given. In connection with the established changes in the spatial orientation of the microvortex ether and transformations of the maternal ether in direction and density, let's call the described spiral "Spiral Transformer of Space Ether". The described transformer, together with an energy generator (see above), is an anti-gravity propulsion system of a space craft.




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