Universality of the Theory

Antimatter - why doesn’t it form autonomously?

Antimatter known to science consists of antiparticles. Then the secrets of antiparticles are the secrets of antimatterThe first secretis: why antiparticles are formed in pair  together with usual particles? The second secret is the uncontrollable annihilation of antiparticles. Disclosing of these secrets become complicated that the "elementary" particles are revealed too much. From here there is the question: are-whether "elementary" particles the elementary?

Obviously, the disclosure of the secrets of antimatter will successfully solve the most difficult modern task of creating antimatter reactors.

Why antimatter particles are paired with matter particles. From the stated above Unified Theory of Nature follows that at wide front of the approaching flows of matter - ether (so, at the motion of very much volumes) the density ρ of the flows is small. As result at first  the density ρ increases in the collision zone, then this zone starts to rotate because of its dissimilarity (Space is distinguished see), i.e. of the asymmetry of inflow in this zone. But as the condense zone was already generated, then it, as the unified, starts to rotate all in one direction (Gyration of ether see).

If the front of the reapprochement flows of matter is narrow (but this can be only at the concentrated streams, i.e. ether is in very dense state), the further condensation does not arise. Then the collision of the streams conducts not to matter concentration in collision zone, but at once - to the rotation, which in the place of contact of the approaching dense streams can be only in one direction. That is arise two microvortexes (the true elementary particles), rotating every at itself way (fig. 21) and accordingly with the dissimilar (right and left) cross rotation of the streams, i.e. the various charge (Сross rotation see).  Two "identical" families of steady, coupled at the moment of collision can be formed also. These two  constrained families represent themselves two (named in the physicist "the elemental") particles, having identical, but opposite directional the cross rotation – the various charge.



 Fig. 21.  The gear of formation of antimatter particles. а – the phase of motion of matter streams: 1, 2  before their frontal collision; δ - after the collision; b – the skew colliding of streams; A – direction of turn of the streams after their collision; 1 ', 2 ' - particles. 


The featured gear is improbable in Nature, since two mirror-identical particles can be formed only if the two indicated streams are identical ("Spase is distinguished" see above). In experiments such streams are strictly obligatory. So at concussion of the electromagnetic wave with an electron (i.e. the microvortex) the wave will slide off from the elastic  steady vortex, if motion of the wave is not central. But if the concussion is central, the wave transmits a part of its energy (the motion) to the electron, which will increase its excitation and then the wave will divide on two identical parts. These parts of the squeezed ethereous microzone further begin the qualitatively other motion – the fluxion, i.e. the undular motion of matter (ether) is transmuted into the jet. Flowing round the rotating microvortex – the electron, these streams gain own cross-section gyration, terminated by their collision as it is featured above. The particle and the antiparticle are formed.

Why antimatter particles annihilate. As the indicated microvortexes are in the greater vortex of matter, in which they have arisen, then that microvortex, which has started to rotate against the greater vortex, promptly annihilate. At the indicated fading of one microvortex other microvortex can be formed or the dying away microvortex can be broken on some slightly smaller. 

That is unraveled by the Unified Theory of Nature all the secrets of antimatter. The information obtained allows us to begin the development of an antimatter reactors.


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