Working out of the Unified Theory

Galaxies - the reason for their formation is not Gravity

To fly to other Galaxies, it is necessary to know their origin and essence deeply. Using the material, stated above, we will try to open the mechanism of formation of Galaxies.  

                                                               Mysterious galaxies 


Formation of galaxies and stars. As the ether thickening  is the fluxion, converging in the zone with smaller ρ (Essence of ether see), then in the initial phase of motion of ether to the place with the smaller density ρ from the all directions of the tridimensional Space: Х, Y, Z the motion (fluxion) can be close to the spherically symmetric. If not from the all, then  at once it is asymmetrical (How generate double stars? see).

However further because of presence of dissimilarity  of Universe  (Space is not identical see) in the converging fluxion the motion from one of directions inevitably appears at least slightly the more intensively (or slightly the more feeblly). It upsets at once the spherical symmetry of the fluxion. There is the asymmetrical (i.e. not in one point) motion of jets of ether. As a result the straightness of the fluxion is inevitably upset – in one of the planes of the indicated direction the gyration of the converging zone of the space ether begins.The specified gyration, obviously, can be both right, and left.

It leads to that the in-leak of the actively moving ether into the gyration plane from different directions is increased, and with the orthogonal to the indicated plane is retarded. It is formed the flat converging active rotary movement of ether – the jet spiral vortex (fig. 3). In the great volume of Space this vortex – a galaxy, in the smaller – a star.




Fig. 3. The shape of a galaxy


It is obvious that each of the current jets - "sleeves" of the vortex (galaxy, star) for the same reason (the dissimilarity) gets also the gyration round own longitudinal axis (the vortex becomes torus). This cross motion will be not such active, as the longitudinal, since the difference ρ on jet front will be essential less, than the difference ρ between the interior zone of a vortex and the circumferential, that is the bottom of formation of the vortex (galaxy, star). The transverse movement relative to the longitudinal can also be either right or left.

Presence of the cross gyration of jets in the vortex obviously generates at the expense of viscosity of ether the additional – the transit flow of ether in the very central region of the vortex. This space ether will be "ingested" by the vortex on the one side of the vortex plane and to flow out with the another (the "magnetic field" of the macrovortex – galaxy, of the mesovortex – star).

Thus, the progress (fluxion) of the maternal ether and also the saved up motion – the gyration  of galaxies (of stars) was formed of the former undular motion – the vibration of the maternal ether i.e. motion is maintained. 

Аggregations of stars. At close to the identical velocity ether motion ve in the macrozone with lowered ρ from the different sides the macrovortex - galaxy can not be formed. It will be more probable for the interior zones of macromovements (i.e. local macromotions) with a small difference ρ behind this zone and in it. This small difference at the wide front of motion of ether will lead to that the isolated (the directed in this zone with smaller ρ) jets are not formed – the jet macrovortex - galaxy is not formed also. Besides, the small ∆ ρ in this motion gives also the small velocity of the subsequent meeting – the small perturbation for escaping of the equilibrium of the existing direct motion in the field with small ρ. The motion in the indicated local macrozone with the lowered ρ by that, due to the presence of ∆ρ in the transverse direction, will break up to the mesomotions – the mesovortexes (stars). It is formed the scattered aggregation of stars transmuted by the gradually disappearing rectilinear local motion of ether in the concentrated aggregation – the compact aggregation of stars.

Consequence 1. From the given streams that the rectilinear motion is instable, but the vortex motion – the stable, since the vortex is the construction from ether, firstly, closed on itself and, secondly, having minimum of dissimilarities ("Space is not identical" see above). But the direct motion is the motion at the presence of dissimilarities, which are by the bottom of instability of the motion. Accordingly, the circumstellar planets will be in a stable ethereal vortex of the star and stable ethereal vortexes will flow into them, just like into the star. Movements with intermediate values of the curvature of the ether jets are movements with intermediate values of stability from maximum stability at maximum curvature to minimum stability at a radius of curvature equal to infinity (for a straight line).

Consequence 2. The cause of formation of  galaxies and  stars is not Gravity (Essence of Gravity see).


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