The Theory and the experiments

Magnetic field, a charge and electron spin - exclusive experiments

Nobody begins to object  that the sensible arguments are the experimental acknowledgement of the basic concepts. The new concept of ether is of one of the most important concepts in Unified Theory of Nature. It consists of that World Space is filled by ether which exists in two shapes: the maternal and the vortical. By that the maternal ether is the ultra-scarcely-dense, differential on density, the continuous vibrating viscoelastic material medium, at the oscillating equalization of its local densities are formed its forward and vortical motions (Substance and its physical properties , Formation of vortexes see).

The ethereous essence of a magnetic field and the vortex nature of a charge and an electron spin (What is a magnetic field and a charge see) and also "Ampere's rule" (Whence  Ampere's rule arises see) directly follows from this concept. Thereupon in one of the previous papers I had been yielded some predictions of Unified Theory of Nature featured in the present blog. We will fulfil  experimental verification of the prediction stated in "Amper's rule" violation.

Experience № 1. About the fed by direct current of 12 volt of the long  (look the image in the previous paper) reel  was erected the compass. Contrary to known physical laws the compass showed the direction of the magnetic lines of force not along the reel, as it follows from "Amper's rule", but across, i.e. not on "Amper's rule", but under Unified Theory of Nature ("Whence  Ampere's rule arises" and "Amper's rule violation" see above). 

Then the standing of the reel with the compass about it changed with the vertical on the sloping and further on the horizontal. The gained effect of the violation of "Amper's rule"(predicted in "Amper's rule violation", see above)  was maintained, that confirms the erected in Unified Тheory of Nature the essence of a charge and a spin of a microvortex (electron), and the essence of the magnetic field also. 

Experience № 2. The compass was erected about the fed by direct current short reel (look the installation image) with the longitudinal winding  As a result the compass showed the direction of the magnetic lines of force along the reel, i.e. not on "Amper's rule".

The erected violation was maintained at change of the standing of the reel in space. It follow up to experience № 1 confirms erected in Unified Тheory the essence of a charge and a spin of a microvortex (electron) and essence of the magnetic field.

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