Universality of the Theory

Earth's magnetic field

It is known that Earth has "the magnetic field", guided from northern pole to southern pole. It is not known, is there "magnetic field" into Earth. The nature of Earth's magnetic field also is unknown.

What creates Earth's magnetic field? From Unified Тheory it is had the following. The ethereous mesovortex, affluenting to Earth (Formation of planets see), polarises in it the microvortexes (What is the magnetic fild" see). The microvortexes (the electrons) are erected coplanarly to the planes of arched jets, affluenting to Earth, and mutually ranked (Spacecraft annihilation see). As a result the transit jets of ether in the polarised microvortexes ("Body magnetization" see) is pumped over by the multiple-stage microvortex pump into Earth in the direction of an axis of its gyration (the interior "magnetic field"). From one extremity of an axis of Earth there is the increased pressure in ether, from another – the lowered. It leads to the self-equalization of pressures (Mysterious ether see) by formation of the return flow of ether about Earth (the exterior "magnetic field").

In more details here there is the following. The gravitating ether, affluenting from different directions to Earth (Essence of Gravitation see), puts pressure on the flow of ether, leaving Earth in the field of northern pole.  As a result this leaving flow gets the convergence of its jets – the field area of the flowing out ether from Earth is squeezed - originates  the pole.  Similarly the southern magnetic pole originates.

From the superficial field of the Northern Pole of Earth it is thrown out a multijet fountain of the transit ether with a great speed (Whence neutrons have undertaken? and "Body magnetization" see aboveby the interior microvortex pump of Earth ("What is the magnetic fild" see above). This fountain rises itself high in Earth's atmosphere because of major initial velocity of streams and their stability (for the account of the prompt cross gyration of ether jets, "Whence neutrons have undertaken?" see above). Then, the fountain retards the velocity of fluxion under the influence of the gravitating continuous ether, affluenting to Earth in the field of Northern Pole. And further turns and spreads to South Pole at the expense of ether rarefaction, created by the specified microvortex pump at South Pole. The great speed of gyration of streams of the transit ether calls an electrization of aerosphere in the field of stream squeezing, i.e. about Northern and South Poles. Therefore over the poles there is an electromagnetic radiation - the auroras

A magnetic needle reacts to this multijet flow so, that own jets of the needle - of a magnet are erected coaxially with the jets of the fountain of ether (with the force lines of magnetic field of Earth).

This multijet (magnetic) flow practically does not render of gravitating activity on unferromagnetics. It is caused by that the separate jets of ether are disposed from each other on enough major distances. These distances dictated by the distances between the next polarised electrons in the direction across jets of ether ("What is the magnetic fild" see above) in Earth and by the divergence of the jets after their escaping of Earth on the pole (see above).



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