Working out of the Unified Theory

Red Shift is not the result of the re-running of galaxies, but Gravity


Existing explanation of the Red Shift, in our opinion, is not convincing enough. So, if the cause of the Red Shift is the removal of galaxies from Earth on the radius R1, then it should be the removal of same galaxies across the direction R1, (i.e. orthogonally to R1) also. Whence follows that for the earth dwellers should be the angular scattering of these galaxies also. And, if the more close to Earth are any two viewed galaxies, then the angular scattering it should be more appreciable. This scattering is not revealed. It is revealed same, as well as on radius R1 the running away, but only on the second radius R2, orthogonal to the first ("Dilated ether without Gravitation" see also).

Another reason for Red Shift. Integration of particles, bodies occurs also at the expense of entrainment by ether of small particles (bodies) at an ether motion to larger bodies (Essence of Gravity see). It is the one of 2 phases of the endless oscillations in Universe (Oscillating movements see): enlargement of particles (bodies, systems of bodies) – decrease. Quantity of particles (bodies) at the enlargement decreases.


         Fig. 2. Scheme of the appearance of the of the Red Shift: L2 » L1. A - an observable galaxy; 
Б - its kern; C - solar system: L - distance to a galaxy; a - the initial moment of time;
δ - the subsequent moment of time. 

It occurs at all levels of particles, bodies. Then (see "The plan of transition Spase") the enlargement is the magnification of distances between the particles. The last generates the outer effect – the apparent retraction of particles, bodies, galaxies. It is the most appreciable to us on galaxies (fig. 2), which was discovered by E.Habbl.



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