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At present mortal threats are looming over Earth and mankind. These are global warming, energy hunger, forest fires, cyclones, tornado, asteroids, volcanic eruptions and explosions of the nuclear power plants. The reason for that is the lack of knowledge of Nature. So  stars and galaxies and planet Earth are filled with riddles. The atomic nucleus is a mystery. Gravity is a mystery. Inertia is a mystery. For the first time, the Unified Theory was developed (Working out of the Unified Theory see), which revealed these and many other secrets.                                  

The Unified Theory, unlike all known theories, is all-powerful and universal and its applications are simple to implement. They give a person the means of salvation from catastrophic explosions of nuclear power plants, global warming, destructive cyclones fnd tornado, threats from outer Space and will be useful to organizations involved in the global problems of planet Earth and space exploration and can also be used individually. So for the first time, unparalleled gravel spacecrafts have been developed that allow travel to distant planets  (Prevention of the  catastrophes see)..  


The Unified Theory has already been tested on 140 examples of its use (Universality of Theory see) Its main concepts have been verified experimentally (Theory and Experiments see). In addition, the developed Theory has one more result, unattainable for any theory that claims to be Unified. It gives 29(!), most valuable for the life and survival of mankind, predictions (Predictions of Theory see). 



Application of the Unified Theory


The secret of corpuscular-wave dualism. Quantum physics could not explain the passage of one quantum of light through two slits of an opaque screen at once. None of the published theories, claiming to be unified, is also capable of explaining this fact. The Unified Theory of Nature on a materialistic basis reveals the indicated secret (The Unified Theory eliminates wave-particle duality see).


The mystery of pairing of particles. In physical experiments, an antimatter particle is formed only in pair with a particle of ordinary matter. Why this happens is still a mystery to all known theories. The Unified Theory reveals this mystery (Why antimatter particles are paired with matter particles see).


New in Gravity Control. The site describes the unique methods of controlling Gravity. However, further research of the author allowed to establish new, even more effective ways to control Gravity (Search of new trajectories of Gravity control see).







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